February 25th, first consortium meeting: a proposed agenda

This is a wiki. Please edit, add etc. at will.

Ground rules 

Each session is introduced by someone. Please prepare your introductions, and let us know how much time you need for it. 20 minutes is a good time for and introduction. People to make introductions are suggested, but if you want to make one step forward and say so.

Each session is documented in real time. Please everyone contribute to shared note-taking (see below).

Please note: Edgeryders have booked a camera person to take short interviews of each of you. We’ll use them for the project’s minisite. This will happen at the Storytelling Workshop on Sunday 28th. Please flag it if you are not staying, we’ll find a solution.

Saying hello properly: team dinner on 24th

We are organising a team dinner on the evening of the 24th. Save the date, information is coming.


  • 10.00 What we’ll do: goals, epic goals, project narrative. Introduction: @melancon and @Alberto (please coordinate). Active contributions expected especially from: @markomanka, @Lakomaa, @Costantino/@zoescope, @Luciascopelliti, please prepare them. In this session we will simply speak about OpenCare in depth, for the first time since we finished the proposal. Goal: each us all gets a concrete idea of what others will be doing, what he/she can count upon, how he/she can integrate her work with the work of others.
  • 11.30 How to work together: tools and procedures. Introduction: Alberto and @OlgaIvanovaUB (please coordinate). Goal: minimum informational friction; administrative tidiness; setting a high standard for collaboration and, potentially, partnership scalability. We need tight coordination with minimal waste of time. 
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • 14.00 Engaging communities: events, social media etc. Introduction: @Nadia and Noemi (please coordinate). Goal: an integrated flow of online/offline activities that people can move easily in and out of. Secondary goal: we should announce a (rough, provisional) calendar of onboarding workshops and consortium meetings all the way to the end of the project. 
  • 15.00 Still free
  • 16.00 Blend with the LOTE5 attendees.


We will be using Google Docs to take notes of what is being discussed during the meeting. It helps us take notes collaboratively, minimizing effort and time spent passing notes around. All notes are automatically saved, and in one place.

Our shared folder is this: Documentation - 1st Consortium Meeting: http://goo.gl/c9Ha92

  • to access it, click on the link above and if is not shared with your email address yet, you will be asked to require permission. 
  • to take notes, open the document corresponding to our topic discussion and start typing.  Feel free to organise and format the document as you please. When you type, other people might type simultaneously with you, and you will see colored cursors moving around and adding information, in real time. 
  • create new documents or upload other materials in the folder as you wish: see NEW red button on the left.
  • don't worry about saving the document. Google docs automatically saves the newest versions of the document.

Welcome Luce Chiodelli

@lucechiodelliUB has recently join our local Bordeaux team. Together with Olga, she will be your main contact for all admin stuff. Luce has plenty of experience with all EC procedures. I personally was flaggerblasted by the interest she showed in OpenCare during the job interview. Cherry on top, Luce fluently speaks italian :slight_smile: and incidentally is (was?) a Modena City Ramblers fan …

Obviously, she will partner up with Olga on item “How to work together”.

I am sure Luce will take time to say a word about herself soon – the official start for her is next Friday.

Italians rule the world

… and so do MCR fans, apparently. Welcome @LuceChiodelliUB! We only need @Lakomaa to involve some Italian researcher on the Stockholm side, and then we will have Italians in all OpenCare partners. laugh

This link is dedicated to Luce: everyone else, open at your risk. wink

Hey there !

Hello everybody,

I would like to thank @melancon once again for placing his trust in me, and @Alberto for the warm welcome and the video - it brings me back to my last backpack trip to Sicily in 2010 :slight_smile:

Working with you on this research project will be my new challenge and I’m very eager to start! I’ll team up with @OlgaIvanovaUB to launch the project and for reporting activities.

Olga stays your contact person for the establishment of the consortium agreement.

I’ll be replacing her step by step as your contact person for all administrative and financial matters during the project.

We will get to meet you in Brussels for the kick-off meeting.

I’m happy to join the OpenCare team and meet you soon!


Welcome from me too!

So nice to meet you @LuceChiodelliUB, and glad to see the team is growing. Happy you found your way here. I will be going community management in OpenCare and have been doing it for the last 4 years on Edgeryders (which is more a shared task given that sometimes there’s just too many projects/ people coming on board in parallel).

So for anything platform related or where information is stored here on edgeryders, don’t hesitate to reach out (see Contact bar on my profile) or at noemi[at]edgeryders[dot]eu

See you soon in Brussels!

Experience multidisciplinarity

May I add a word after Alberto’s introduction.

One strength of OpenCare is our diversity.

This means the 10:00 session “What we’ll do” is in a sense critical. We have to open our minds and see the pictures drawn by colleagues when describing their universe and contributions to OpenCare. Conversely, this means we each have to make special efforts so listeners have a crunch and jump in.


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What we’ll do: goals, epic goals, project narrative…

…can I ask you what is the policy for “active contributions”? Are we meant to prepare small presentations (I would guess around 15minn each, by dividing what’s left after the 20minn of introduction for the number of expected contributors)? Or are we meant to have a nicely chaotic conversation? :slight_smile:


I propose:

  • Everybody re-reads carefully the Grant Agreement Annex 1, i.e. what we have committed to doing. 
  • With that in mind, prepare a statement of your organisation's own goals. But not 15 minutes: more like 5. Guy and I will propose overall goals. 
  • Then we need to spend some time just bouncing world views off each other. 

Why this session? In terms of what we must deliver, the situation is clear: that’s detailed in the GA, nothing to talk about. But in terms of how these activity fit into the bigger picture of what we all are trying to do, that’s a different story. We explore together what each of us sees just outside of OpenCare, and how our other activities and OpenCare can help each other and feed into each other. The project of an OpenCare clinic is an example: that’s not a deliverable of OpenCare, but if we did manage to make one it would add incredible value. Conversely, OpenCare would lend an OpenCare clinic a very large value. I conclude it does not make sense to just think project management and deliver the project. We must to that, but as we do it we must never lose sight of the bigger picture. Hence the insistence on goals.


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Works for us. Looking forward

is this an open meeting?

can we invite interested people that are not part of the consortium?

I’d leave the slot at 15pm free so we can use it if we are going slow on previous sessions or we need to discuss a specific topic coming up during the day.

looking forward to meet you all.



Not open

In the sense of: no event page, no link to join it etc. This is because it’s mainly a team building exercise. Exceptions allowed on a case-by-case basis. LOTE5 care track provides opportunities for the consortium to interact with non-consortium people. In general, I suggest you rather invite them to the care track public events that you like.

We’ll probably do it in our own office (the Edgespace), and try to make it cosy and relaxed.

ok great

Then these are the open meetings of Opencare during LOTE5 :


This is more up-to-date


Look to the left column, on care.

Still a few changes to make (like the OpenCare files, that we just agreed upon), but almost there.

Streaming / Hangout


can we organise a private streaming/hangout for the people in our teams that are not in Brussels?

Do we have enough bandwidth? Are we all using microphones?

@Noemi @Alberto

No streaming

We do not have the resources to do this. Also, we insist on LOTE being very participatory. You can really not do LOTE from home.