Federated Discourse Forums (Application at Prototype Fund)


The following is a copy&paste version of the application I sent to Prototype Fund today. I had to apply under my own name / business identity, as the fund is only open for projects in Germany. But the idea and outcomes is related to Edgeryders, namely extending the software running Edgeryders Communities.

The application is written in German, but you can read a machine translated version in English.


That looks super interesting Matt! Is there any space where you can actually see a whole list of communities based on Discourse?


The largest list I know of is the Discourse customer list. That’s 1500+ Discourse sites using the “official” discourse.org hosting offer, but excludes the sites doing self-hosting (like we do) or using hosting offers at competing hosting providers (there are some now).

Another interesting data point: self-reported monthly revenue of Discourse :astonished:


There is also https://trends.builtwith.com/websitelist/Discourse (builtwith.com is a service to analyse the tech stack a website uses, but I think part is paywalled). Same is true for https://www.shodan.io/search?query=discourse. Similar service, but more for hackers.


Way to go, @matthias! Well done!