Festival budget

Hello everyone, a note on what we’re spending for our event, from Edgeryders side.
I was happy to confirm this morning as I was re-checking the numbers that pretty much the entire budget is directly contributing to people’s ability to come, share, enjoy each other’s presence.

NB: The numbers below don’t include the countless hours of work for strategizing, sales, community building and engagement by the edgeryders directors and some close collaborators. A small part of the work is covered through our work in funded projects (i.e. opencare), but the largest is personal investment in collective learning, bridging and linking. Ideally there will come a time when interesting work is compensated consistently, and rewards distributed even more broadly. By this I mean both financially and non-financially, including non-monetary systems for compensated mutual help between projects, or structured skill sharing etc. Many people around here are working on this in promising way, but there is no model that we’ve been applying consistently.

So looking forward to meet!

PS Edgeryders reading list ahead, useful to check it out.

Subtotal (eur) Comments
Part time community management, Graphic Design, Event production, Video services, Social media management 15200 Community members on part time/ service gigs with the edgeryders organisation.
Program curation and storytelling 0 Community members whose work is covered by SCIMPulse and the opencare partnership, through 3 fellowships
Venues & food 4060 Incl. rental, preparation and service+ delivery, communal cooking ingredients and materials
Swag, prints, stationery etc 2797 Workshop materials can be reused in future activities
Equipment onsite 800 Lumpsum, most of which unspent so far
PARTICIPANT TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION 22 as of today. From UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Slovakia, France, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Indonesia, US, Canada
TOTAL 33260