Festival Community Call 29th of Oct - "Catching Up and Moving Further"

Dear organisers and festival participants!

We are entering the hot phase, just before the burning hot face in Festival preparations:).

Now we should all be decided and booked on the date and location and have a clearer image of the last needs and most importantly be ready to start inviting all the interesting people we want to have there!

Please come to the call on Tuesday the 29th 18:00 to catch up and see if everything is on track and if and how you would need help :).

Looking forward to seeing you at: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Ping @zelf, @BlackForestBoi, @soenke, @TamaraVuk, @natalia_skoczylas, @inge, @jasen_lakic, @Kathryn, @mrchrisadams, @erik_lonroth, @pbihr, @anon82932460


Some early updates:
I have been at Mozfest this weekend and it seems as if Mozilla is organising an IndieWeb Barcamp/Hackathon. They have a very similar structure in mind: 1 day community weaving, 1 day building.

Tantek, the person leading the event, and me had the idea of merging those 2.
This means we wouldn’t need to pay for a location and have a great community on board too.

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@BlackForestBoi, would it still work to have the participants post their project proposals and documentation here on the platform?