Festival Theme #2: Architectures of Love

Architectures of Love: Creating the conditions for open care

An #OpenVillage Theme

How can we better understand citizen-led responses within the context of government health and social care service provision? We want to illuminate the enabling factors that create communities where health and social care is founded on our natural impulses the human beings to take care of ourselves and one another. Insights as to how to create the conditions for peer-to-peer care, will also reshape how we understand the role of policy in meeting growing health needs. A better understanding will help to create government and regional policies that support and nurture citizen responses rather than displace them and create over-dependency on stretched public institutions, without reducing the responsibilities of the state in relation to the health and well being of its citizens.

The OpenVillage Festival is a #nospectators event. Each talk, workshop or exhibit is contributed by participants. Curators work with session leaders to make the most out of interests and learning expectations. Contribute to how sessions shape up by engaging in discussion threads below the originating post. Or see below for how to go about proposing a session.

Participating Sessions

The Edge of Funding - Sustainability and Financial Models

You want to sustain the good work you are doing. In a resource strained world, you need to be smarter in how you search and acquire resources. What models are most future proof? A panel + open space discussion!

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Emergency Mutual Aid

Medics and mechanics came together to fix up a trailer to support migrants passing through Serbia. Drawing on this, we invite you to share in exploring ways to turn individual experience into collective expertise. Seeing the migrant crisis as a training ground for the crisis of the future - what can we learn about DIY welfare?

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Creating Healthy Experiences

Drawing on interdisciplinary work from the West of Ireland, this session will involve both conversation and embodied practice in the form of yoga to explore the work of An Áit Eile (The Other Place), PreMonastery Galway, Transition Galway, Cosáin Community Wellness and other Galway stories shared in Opencare.

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Policy Redesigned - collaborations to rewire policy

The City of Milano and WeMake makerspace are stewards of open care: they run activities where online conversations meet real life, where the city is co-designing with citizens improvements in mobility policies, where people with motor impairment can come together with researchers to develop open source neuroprosthetics.

Your Session?

No spectators - build it as we go! Your session description could be here.... propose a session by following the steps outlined below.

Your Session?

No spectators - build it as we go! Your session description could be here.... propose a session by following the steps outlined below.

OPEN NOW: call for more sessions! To propose one, take these 3 simple steps:

  1. Create an edgeryders account.
  2. Upload a session description here : it should depart from your work and where you see the role of communities in advancing it. Here is a detailed brief with questions to reflect on. Do not hesitate to ask for help from one of our curators ( type @username) . Once your proposal is posted, other community members will leave thoughtful comments to help refine it. It takes a few weeks to become part of the official program.
  3. Join our global #CountOnMe team to spread the news about your session and others!

More information:

#OpenVillage Festival: 19-21 October
Venue: Brussels @ The Reef (TBC)
Get in touch: #OpenVillage on twitter | Community@edgeryders.eu