Final months of Treasure: RR, planning and organisation

Side note - as discussed in the call today in the context of the Graphryder documentation (Edgeryders | Treasure) I will be looking into PDF formatting for pages, notably to make it possible for images to be included with plain text and easily downloadable.

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Dear all,
Today, I won’t be participating in the meeting. I have ten interviews to code left; I assume I will be finished in 1.5 weeks.

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It would be great if you (and @owen , @pykoe, @daniel, @matthias, @nadia, @marina) would comment on the stories here

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I’m not sure if meeting is happening but short tech update on my end:

  • PDF downloads are working on pages, to use it just go to the sidebar and click ‘Download PDF’ on any post

  • PDFs do not support animated GIFs, but as this code generates a PDF file from scratch with the text of the article, it can convert remote urls of GIFs to JPEGs so they at least display in the file.

  • I am still working on the prompt interface for the form and still need to debug the metadata issue for @alberto, these are high priority and I will update again today or tomorrow at the latest



I am going to miss the first part of our call today because I am in another one, and will join as soon as possible.

I propose an agenda though:

  • (@bojanbobic) start pushing Caroline’s and Vukasin’s text with the community:
    • post them on Linkedin and Twitter
    • draw attention from the ER community to them
  • finalise the AMA Eventbrite and start promoting it
  • polish the Prompts page (great work @owen!) and schedule a call with Moveo (I will do that once the page is good to go)
    • btw, the NEW DATE of the event is from 24th to 26th of April 2024
  • if @marina joins and if it is necessary, go through regular admin
  • post an update on coding (@Nica, @siri) with an estimate of needed time
  • update from @pykoe on the graphs and visual elaboration that you started
  • update on the selected stories (@inge, can you illustrate them and how much time you need eventually?)

I won’t be able too make it today, but I am working on the following:

Also waiting for final theme of AMA event, started working on text already.


My deadline is a bit delayed due to illness this week. I will be finished with all codings latest next WED (February, 21st).

Team meeting notes 16/02/24
Present @nica, @marina, @pykoe, @ivan and me

We discussed following topics:

Spring School preparation

  • @nica prepared the prompts
  • prompts were tested and are working well. Issue with the post on the platform needs to be fixed. @owen is working on that
  • we decided to make an introductory Yes/No prompts for warming up
  • some tweaking needs to be done - mobile phone version doesn’t display prompt screen part @owen

Stories & Articles

  • Kyle accepted the suggestions and is working to come up final edits
  • Discussed the story of Ebele
  • Discussed the draft of Laurentiu



  • Marina briefly gave feedback on admin status

AMA Event

  • agreed on the topic of the event
  • discussed and agreed on the tell from questions
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hello all, @ivan and @Nica, I have finished the codings. Let me know if I could assist in more/other tasks.


That is great to hear @siri – would you be able to help out with IARC transcripts 20-31 located here

I would also like you to make a list of key insights that have emerged for you in coding this latest batch of transcripts (we did something similar with the first car events). 5-10 core insights would be ideal, with some quotes illustrating them (translated from German, please, but with the original German included).

thank you!

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Hi @Nica, I can do both, the coding and the insight list with quotes.

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Wonderful! Also @siri can you and I meet Wednesday or Thursday to go over codes together and see if some need to be reconciled? I hope that by next Friday we can deliver all the codes from interviews to @pykoe to start visualizing.

@Nica, THU would be great for me, and I would prefer early evening, 7 PM CET. Would that be possible for you?

@siri that would be great!

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@siri unfortunately I won’t be able to do Thursday 7 pm CET after all, as I have a conflict with a meeting at the university. Would you by any chance be available earlier in the day on Thursday, like 3 pm CET?

Alternately, might you be available earlier on Friday, before our team meeting?

@siri also, if you have the bandwidth, I wanted to see if you can also do a few of the EN GTF transcripts this week. No worries if not.

@Nica, unfortunately not, I still need to finish the batch for IARC.

hi @Nica, unfortunately, 3 pm CET on THU is not feasible for me - I would be available on Friday before the team meeting; when would it be best for you then?

Hi @siri I have not been able to ascertain the Friday morning schedule, so I moved some things around, and I can make our original planned meeting time of 7 pm CET tomorrow (Thursday). Hopefully that is still ok for you. See you then!

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Hi @Nica, sure, today, THU, at 7 PM CET, works for me - would you mind sending me a Zoom link, or could I take the Friday meeting?