Finish the papers! Last call

Hello to all opencarers. This is the (really) last call to @ezio_manzini and @melancon. If it goes unheeded, I will interpret it as a “no” and move on.

We have two unfinished opencare papers, waiting for your contributions since quite some time. They will wither and die very soon unless you rescue them. I respectfully suggest that they have been in the queue long enough, and so have we, your co-authors.

Fortunately, not much work is needed to finish them. Guy can do it in 2-3 days at most. Ezio might need 4-6 days, as he is the principal author. Can you please get on to it this week?


Dear Alberto and dear opencarers, sadly I must say that I cannot do it.

I will not try to justify myself. Another time my optimism (on the
possibility of doing things) crashed with the reality (of the messiness
of my nomadic life).

Sorry for all this, all the best



Ok, @ezio_manzini. Appreciate the directness. Ping @federico_monaco, @noemi, @winnieponcelet.

Take care @ezio_manzini and enjoy your next adventures to the fullest :wink:

@alberto should we touch base to discuss what’s left to do, and redistributed it with a deadline?

Okay, thanks for the update. How can I help?

@markomanka and @winnieponcelet, I was never meant to be a co-author of the Ezio paper. I am just not equipped for it. So, unless someone else steps up as lead author, I guess that paper is lost.

@melancon has been in touch privately, saying he and @jason_vallet will get on with the SSNA paper. Once they do their part, I can finish that one. Guy, Jason, can you commit to a deadline?

Excellent news! Let me know how can I contribute to the finalisation process :slight_smile:

Point taken.

@winnieponcelet; @noemi; @federico_monaco I can take up the burden of assembling and polishing… would you agree?

@ezio_manzini had you targeted a specific journal to begin with? Suggestions are welcome… or I will chose arbitrarily :slight_smile:

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That works for me

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@markomanka for me too. Would it be good to have a short videocall within this week? The last update i had with @ezio_manzini was about connecting theory to case studies given the differences between communities of interest and goal oriented communities.

That would be great… how about tomorrow? Morning 10.00-ish or afternoon 14.00-ish?

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14:00 is fine.

@alberto can this call be relevant? ->

Not sure about The Connected Past, @markomanka. Certainly we do not have the kind of data that are central to the conference. Maybe they could use the methodology… @amelia, you are in Oxford. Any thoughts?

@jason_vallet, @melancon: any progress report on the paper?

Agreed here – our subject matter isn’t the deep past stuff that they are looking for. Though it’s a shame as it’d be very easy for me to attend/present :smiley:

also, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help wrap up the SSNA paper!

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Hi guys, I had a stab at wrapping up the OpenCare paper. I only need a few things:

  • @markomanka I did some editing, including to section 4.3 (yours). My goal was to have shorter sentences and simpler syntax. Doing this, I found something I don’t understand. You write:

It descends from the above that an empirical divergence can be computed from compression \cite{Merh93} that would suit the requirements of a universal classifier.

A divergence between what and what else? What is a universal classifier?

  • @markomanka I do not understand items 2 and 3 on page 10. Maybe we should have a call?
  • The work of comparing different methods to reduce the graph I started with @melancon and @jason_vallet is not finished, but I think we have waited too long and we should submit now.
  • @amelia can you lead the submission process?

Thanks for this @Alberto, things have been busy lately and I appreciate you pushing this forward.

Can do. Do we have a journal that we’re already looking at, or shall I search for something appropriate?

If we don’t have a plan yet, I vote we shoot high and submit to Social Networks.

@melancon had proposed Social Science Computer Review - I think we chose this also based on the Editorial board (for anthro: Michael Fischer. Rings a bell?). This is also why I am asking you to review for a right “hi-tech anthro” gloss. Failing that, a new journal, the Journal of Computational Social Science. See here. Social networks obviously attractive, again Guy will have a better sense of how good a fit that it.