Finishing the work and getting paid

Hello all, I am starting to receive invoices. Good.

In fairness, not all of you have delivered the 10 in-depth case studies we had negotiated for, and not all the material delivered was on time. So, here’s what I suggest: arrange with @Noemi a final community call. In it, you will go wide rather than deep: she has a long list of initiatives in Future Makers countries. You can validate it and hopefully extend it: name, link, and short description is all we need. This would result in the"Who’s who of grassroots initiatives" that we already discussed in July." At that point, I’ll go ahead and pay you. If there are any problem, I’ll be in touch with you separately.

This needs to be done within about a week from today. The final deliverable will be turned in by September 10th. Does this work?

@Inge, @Iriedawta, @Hegazy, @nataliegryvnyak, @Driss, @Mikhail_Volchak


@Noemi Hi, it’s been a while

Is the list in question this google sheet by any chance?

Looking forward to that community call :slight_smile:

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so I am finally back to a world where there is more than just a 3g internet connection! In other words, we’re back from our summerhouse in rural georgia.

When would work to have the community call? The sooner the better I suppose. Can everyone do Tuesday? And if so, what time? Or should I make a doodle?

Doodle for community call

Hi everyone,

I have written to you over this past month explaining how we should fill in the spreadsheet @Hegazy correctly links to, but he was the only one who helped finish country initiatives (for Egypt). Hegazy, I suspect you left in blank some entries in column H because you don’t have more information on them. Can you quickly have a final look and make sure the sheet is complete in what you are concerned? Maybe I missed some initiatives? Maybe you would like to change some descriptions? or add anything else relevant? go ahead and make any relevant edits, and then you’re done.

@everyone else: please fill in this doodle and we will have a call based on that. If you’ll have different preferences, I will have individual calls with you each and then wrap this up. Thanks!

Yes for the call to happen asap!

@Noemi I thought I’ve done my share of work on the spreadsheet too. Anyway I’m not done yet(have some more projects to add) and will finish editing it by Monday-Tuesday.

Community Call

Hello @Noemi,

I’m ready for a call. Tell me when it suits you during this week.

I don’t have access to the spreadshit, can you please send me the link ?

Thank you very much.


Wednesday 10 in the morning, Brussels time.

Hi Driss, with the rest of the team we are having a skype call Wednesday morning 10 am cet, hope you can make it. Add me as noemi.salantiu please.

And here is the link to the spreadsheet, it would be great if you could add as many initiatives you know of in the sheet called “Morocco”, even if you didn’t share their case studies here on edgeryders.

I sent you the link again via email! It should work.

Looking forward to talk!

Hello Noemi !

Okey i’ll be there !

I’ll fill in the spreadsheet.

Wish you a good day,


An issue with the invoices

Hello all. So, payday is here. Situation:

  • @nataliegryvnyak, @Mikhail_Volchak and @Driss have not sent me any invoice.
  • @Iriedawta is OK. 
  • @Inge and @Hegazy have sent invoices, but they did not include VAT. Please check with your accountants whether you have to pay VAT (typically the answer will be "no", unless you are a registered independent worker with a VAT position) and behave accordingly. If you DO NOT have to pay VAT, send your invoice with a line for VAT and set its value to zero. For example: 

Finding and reporting on grassroots initiatives in [Egypt]:  1200 USD



This tells the revenue agency in Belgium that VAT is not due on these invoices.

Please note that I cannot pay you without a complete invoice. Other than that, @Noemi tells me you are all good to be paid.


Hello !

Can you guys send me a model of invoice i need to send to Alberto ?

I have no idea what to put on it.

Thank you very much

this is my format

you can use this template if you like, just make sure to add VAT (as Alberto mentioned above)


sent you an updated version, let me know if this works.

Even if you are “a registered independent worker with a VAT position”, usually you will not have to put VAT on this invoice, since it is an international invoice (not within the European Union) for services. However, as Alberto said, check with somebody who knows the situation in your country exactly.

Online banking seems to work…

… for non-IBAN countries. Phew, I was a bit worried. I have made the first two payments.

Please note:

  1. In terms of time, I will be as fast as I can. However, you may still have to wait some business days before the money pops up in your account ( in Europe it can be up to 3).
  2. In terms of amounts, I am wiring you the whole amount of course, but your bank is quite likely to withhold some baking charges. In past work, this was as high as 20-25 USD for non-European countries. 

Actually I’m not sure online banking works for Armenia, if you remember @Alberto this was my problem with my salary from Morocco as my employer tried to send it through online banking and it was not going through. I think you need to monitor the payment to see if it doesn’t get back to you. Will let you know once I get it. Thanks!

It should work

Since Edgeryders’ bank accepted the SWIFT payment order to Armenia via online banking, it’s offered as a possibility by them. On our side, there is no difference to ordering the same payment offline now. Of course, it could still come back, just like any payment ordered offline. (Payments made the same way to Nepal a few weeks ago arrived with no problems though.)

The other issue is the bank fees. There are 25 USD on our side for non-SEPA payments, plus 5-25 USD on the receiver side. I think that’s close to robbery, and will not use this kind of payment anymore. I use cash payments, Bitcoin or Western Union now.

Yay! I think I got it! Thanks again @Alberto, it was a pleasure working with you guys and I hope we will have a chance to collaborate in the future! heart

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