FLOSS4P2P: distributed FLOSS for communities (London, March)

FLOSS4P2P: Call for Participation

A 2-day London workshop in March, gathering FLOSS projects that are building software for peer production and organization, with a focus on distributed platforms. Scholarships to attend are offered to grassroots communities.

** Context **

We know that the Internet was originally decentralized, with protocols and services built by hackers. However, with the arrival of the celebrated Web 2.0, centralization and corporations proprietary platforms seem to have taken over. Moreover, this centralized structure is used by governments to increase surveillance (following Snowden’s revelations), to blackout internet whenever it is needed (e.g. Egypt, Syria, or San Francisco’s BART) or to choke annoying activist organizations (such as Wikileaks).

On the other hand, in the last few years we have seen the emergence of Internet-enabled collaborative communities building shared libre/open resources. Commons-based Peer to Peer Production (CBPP) is rapidly growing: not just for software and encyclopedias, but also for information (OpenStreetMap, Wikihow), hardware (FabLabs, Open Source Ecology), accommodation (Couchsurfing) and currency (Bitcoin, Altcoins).

In the last few years, it has become clear to many that it is not enough to develop free/libre/open source (FLOSS) alternatives, but we also need to re-decentralize the Internet. Many initiatives are being undertaken under this premise (e.g. Ethereum, Diaspora, OwnCloud, MediaGoblin, Sandstorm). These new software tools may also be useful to boost CBPP communities further. In this workshop, we will gather those working around the decentralized FLOSS that could help CBPP/P2P communities. Hackers, academics, activists and interested stakeholders are welcome.


March 16-17th 2015


Fab Lab London


Call for Proposals

We welcome proposals for:

  • Lightning talks (2m-5m): summarise your idea & receive feedback
  • Show & Tell presentations (20m): explain your project/tech/research
  • Tutorials on software tools (1h)

Please email: lu.yang@surrey.ac.uk with your idea/proposals.

The workshop will have both presentations and unconference-style participatory dynamics for finding points of collaboration and extraction of conclusions.

** Topics **

  • Focus on FLOSS software with some of the following features:
    • Social: communication
      • e.g. social-networking, microblogging, reworked email
    • Social: collaboration
      • e.g. wikis, pads, wave, shared file hosting, multimedia repositories
    • Alternative to proprietary choices
    • Federated / Distributed / Interoperable
    • Open Standards
    • Secure / Encrypted
    • Encouraging Peer Production communities
    • Encouraging the construction/maintenance of Commons
  • Potential cases for discussion:
    • Diaspora (federated social network)
    • Wave (federated real-time collaboration)
    • Lorea (federated social network)
    • DarkWallet (distributed wallet & social network)
    • Ethereum (P2P infrastructure)
    • MaidSafe (P2P infrastructure)
    • Sandstorm.io (facilitates federated sw)
    • Mailpile (encripted email)
    • MediaGoblin (federated multimedia repository)
    • OwnCloud (file hosting)
    • … (your case)


There are a few scholarships for potential participants who wish to attend the event. The scholarship will cover participant’s travel and subsistence cost, up to €400. If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, please email: lu.yang@surrey.ac.uk before 28 February 2015, with a paragraph stating why you think your FLOSS is relevant, plus a short bio. Priority will be given to those with low resources, innovative FLOSS within the topics of the call, and being a grassroot community.

** More **

More info will be posted online in:


Email queries to: lu.yang@surrey.ac.uk



Date: 2015-03-16 00:00:00 - 2015-03-17 00:00:00, Europe/London Time.

URL: http://p2pvalue.eu/2nd-floss4p2p-workshop

Hard work

Seems like you guys will have a LOT to share. Is there a way to follow discussions online (streaming, pads for documentation, hashtags etc)?

Thanks for posting, will give it a shout.

Hard work indeed!

We’re working on possibility of streaming - it will certainly be videoed and the videos will be uploaded as quickly as the venue infrastructure allows, Hashtag is #FLOSS4P2P and there will be pads for documentation :wink:

There are a limited number of travel/expenses scholarships too

I am going to FLOSS myself to write about the event for a magazine i collaborate with at the moment (Hype and Hyper), but I was also asked to present briefly Edgeryders - 2-3 minutes. Now, as I won’t be speaking about myself but a community with a lot of projects, can you help me with deciding which are the key things I should talk about? would it be Unmonastery? Hackathon? Makerfox? Or very broadly Edgeryders themselves?

What do you think?

Glad to see you’re going.  Given the short time I don’t know if it makes sense to talk the audience through more than 1-2 projects… since you know Lote4 first hand, you could introduce it as a case for decentralized architectures? But then again, @Natalia, it’s your show and you should be the most comfortable with what you’re talking about… maybe even talking about your own experience might do it.

And do share the link to the magazine/ article so we can read it too :slight_smile:

Current slides

So here are some scribd ER uploaded presentations in case you want to work with slides… or the latest I did at Lote4. Can also send you original files via email if you need them. Let me know what you decide?

I thought of it more like a time and space to present a few projects that might attract attention and reach people who’d be interested in joining certain things happening as results of the platform’s community and/or its activity. So I will make a presentation about LOTE4 and Edgeryders in brief, and then mention Unmonastery and Makerfox as different examples. I have 3 minutes anyway, so it won;t be much. Thanks for sharing the files;)