A list of recent acts of resources sharing and transparency from Edgeryders LBG to the community

A waypoint inspired by several recent conversations. The list is work in progress. Last update: October 13th 2015, by Noemi.

Edgeryders LBG was established in May 2013 to serve the Edgeryders community. This would happen by selling consultancy services that involve the community in various ways. In return, community members would get paid opportunities to do meaningful work (by being hired to contribute to those same consultancy services); additionally, the company committed to keeping this platform online and organise the yearly Living On The Edge conferences.

ER LBG’s mode of operations was originally outlined here (2013) and later specified here (2014). The following is a list of recent acts in which the company attempted to reshare opportunities with the community.

Edgeryders sharing paid opportunities created by itself

Edgeryders resharing paid work opportunities created by others

Edgeryders sharing work contacts (gained outside Edgeryders)

  • ER LBG invited (with funded travel) community members (including Ben for the unMonastery) to hang out in Tbilisi with UNDP, our client for Spot The Future 
  • ER LBG directors invited to LOTE4 some of our highest profile work contacts: Fabrizio Barca (previously worked with Alberto), Robin Chase and Amelia Andersdotter (previously worked with Nadia), and paid for their trip. Funded travel was offered to 15 community members (chosen with a transparent application process) for the same event, so funding high-powered networking for the community.
  • Nadia gave a talk to an event called Improving reality, organized by a UK art institution called Lighthouse. She waived her speaker's fee in return for Lighthouse director Juha van ‘t Zelfde to travel to LOTE4, which he did. 
  • Invitation to participate in shaping New EU policy making lab, April 20-21 2015 in Brussels.
  • Design, When Everybody Designs- An Evening talk and dinner on Design for Social Innovation with Ezio Manzini in Brussels, May 2015

Information and transparency