Follow up from 28/11: Game Development Thread

Running a kind of game development approach where there are many different games and not just one

Ongoing activities:

A question: the game should be a rules-heavy simulation or a light storytelling exercise?

Some Ideas and observations mentioned during the call:

  • A societal D&D (RPG)
  • The Worldbuilding and the role playing aspects as powerful elements and easy to interact with
    • a modular approach with lightweight storytelling and adaptable plug in mechanics to simulate the economy
  • LARPs can be facilitators of discussions on topics difficult to approach directly
  • Example: the coastal communities imagine a future of severe climate change consequences
  • need to define priorities: economy, culture, community?
    *mechanism: play - analyse the outcomes scientifically - connect to policy making
  • “actual play podcasts” from the TTRPG world - @jolwalton UK contacts and the podcast Serious Play
  • Witness as an intricate board game where rules change according to the economy + culture of each district as you move around the board

Proposal for things to explore:

Next steps?

Taking the lead on this: @matteo @carolina_carvalho @iouxo @ialja

Hello hello everyone!
Thanks @nadia for opening the thread.

At the moment I’m able to coordinate a weekly game meeting (Game Nights) that meets on Wednesday from 6pm CET.
This week we will play few games from #feminism a nano-game anthology

Please leave here your e-mail if you’re interested in attending. sometimes games require some prep in advance so it’s important that we know who is going to be there and who is not.
Usually the games have a max or min number of players, in this regard, feel free to invite people but please do that in advance and have them ready this thread and register in the file, so we can organize multiple sessions.

We usually keep the session 1 hour long (45 minutes of play) and that means that we don’t play the games in their wholeness, we are more interested in different mechanics that can be interesting for our future experiments with Witness.

As you will see in the doc there are empty spot ahead, please feel free to facilitate one session, I would love to play new games that I have no idea exists! I can help facilitating (just remember the 1 hour limit for the session).

tagging here folx that were interested in attending @ialja @carolina_carvalho @iouxo @jolwalton


@matteo_uguzzoni Thank you for sharing this info. I currenty have a recurrent team meeting at that time so I won’t be able to join these play sessions unfortunately :frowning:

About hosting a couple games, I was able to find the original gameplay booklet. Have you made any changes to gameplay since then that you would like to test or are you still only exploring?

Hello @carolina_carvalho I hope you can join in the future! I was not involved on the first game design, but I think @yudhanjaya or @ivan can help you on hosting games.

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@nadia @matteo_uguzzoni @ivan
Here is next week’s serious games session at the GRC. If anyone in interested in joining please let me know :slight_smile:

Serious Games session: “Interwoven” - a game based on doughnut economics (with Alex Merron)
Time: 15 Feb 2022 at 4:00 - 5:15pm UTC
The initial spark for this game was the question - if doughnut economics was a game, what would it look like to win? Games offer a safe space for people to step outside their rational minds and intuitively explore new narratives and behaviors. Based on this insight, we brought together a group of twelve volunteers to co-create the story of doughnut economics in game form. We draw from expertise in biomimicry, ecological design, linguistics, digital art, and systems thinking to create an experience more regenerative than the sum of its parts.


yes I am interested - can you send me the calendar invite? nadia at edgeryders dot eu

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Ok so now we have tested alot of different games - could it be time to revisit this skeleton and see where to take the rpg version? Learning from the event: A no-points RPG version?

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I’d love to join this one too if possible.

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@ialja Added you to the calendar invite :slight_smile:

Hello @carolina_carvalho this is exciting, can I join as well?, thanks!

Hello everyone, next Wednesday at 6pm CET we will play an online version of Once Upon a Time a very simple storytelling card game that has some dynamics that can be interesting for our experiments.
I bought a copy of the game and created a version of it in Tabletopia, is not open to the public so please send me a DM if you want to attend, in the file I saw @nadia @ivan and @jolwalton but if you’re interested please feel free to join.
We will start with 5 minutes to learn how to use Tabletopia, 5 minutes for the rules, then 30 minute of play and after the usual “what we liked, what we didn’t like” session. Hope to see you there!


Hello - it looks like it is just me now! We can go for it if you like, or take a rain check and see if we can get one or two more next week or the following. I’m easy either way :slight_smile: