Community Event: Witness Development Call on Friday (28/1) at 15:00 - 16:00 CET

Location: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Hi Everyone!

On Friday at 3PM CET we are hosting our first Witness Co-Development call of 2022 to which you are welcome.

It is a 1 hour online meeting in which we:

  • Share a status update of things that are currently on the move/ need a response soon.
  • Summarise what we did in 2021 and and what we learned from it.
  • Discuss next steps.

All edgeryders community members are welcome to join.

If there is something you would like to have brought up during this session please post it in a comment below or in a private message to me if you are shy :slight_smile:

The 1hr call happens here: Launch Meeting - Zoom

If you have any problems to sign in during the call the fastest way to reach us is via the telegram group.

See you on Friday!


I’d love to organize a play session for the serious games group at the Global Regeneration CoLab, I think it would yield some interesting results.
I read the thread with comments from previous sessions, and I was thinking that if you had already made some alterations to the online version after the November event we could test them out.

Some comments:

  • I am expecting a much smaller group than the one you had in November between 5-25 people (it’s hard to predict, when we send out invites to the community some events draw a lot more people than others).
  • A couple people in the Serious Games group make games for a living, so their feedback on gameplay could perhaps be valuable. I could send a Doodle before scheduling to try and make sure these key people are there.
  • I can record the discussion and compile a report
  • If you are more interested in the real-life version of the game, I could also try to put one together with friends here in Portugal, it would be a bit of a random group and no game designers, but there are some board game enthusiasts and a couple activists as well. Or there is a board game café in my hometown and I could try and do it when I am there, but that would require a bit more planning and would take longer as I don’t go so often.
    Let me know what you find more interesting to the group at the moment :slight_smile:

One final thought, I noticed that you are also organizing play sessions for other games: if would be open to having participants from other networks, I could share it with the GRC group, and in that case I would also share with you the calendar for the sessions they organize (some are presentations, others are play sessions too)

See you in a bit!


Focusing on Witness as an art project to unlock imagination, we have defined three major tracks in today’s call (agenda here, some of the questions discussed in December here):


Question to answer: the game should be a rules-heavy simulation or a light storytelling exercise?

  • a societal D&D (RPG)

  • the worldbuilding and the role playing aspects as powerful elements and easy to interact with

    • a modular approach with lightweight storytelling and adaptable plug in mechanics to simulate the economy
  • LARPs can be facilitators of discussions on topics difficult to approach directly

    • Example: the coastal communities imagine a future of severe climate change consequences
    • need to define priorities: economy, culture, community?
      *mechanism: play - analyse the outcomes scientifically - connect to policy making
  • “actual play podcasts” from the TTRPG world - @jolwalton UK contacts and the podcast Serious Play

  • Witness as an intricate board game where rules change according to the economy + culture of each district as you move around the board



Witness as a tool for development of imagination and boosting the ideas

  • Example - small municipalities in Sicily getting a lot of funding money but without the capacity and the imagination to employ it
  • similar projects with NL public organisations and youth require including/embedding the policy mechanisms in the game/tool

The result would be a very practical tool to connect (small) communities with the local government policy implementation.

  • idea: The resilient futures workshop
  • in a second moment - a guide for facilitators - (ten points on how to use witness for that)


  • Starting from Giacomo’s idea to organise the Witness installation in Messina’s contemporary art museum as a virtual scenario:

    • Upon entering a room equipped with motion sensors and sophisticated projectors, the visitor, touching the walls, enters the immersive interactive experiences (i.e. deep sea for Messina)
  • threads open with Plurality University

  • work on health, satisfaction, general wellbeing, macroeconomic indicators in combination with radically different ways of data usage

Globus Opstart funding for the writers’ retreat is still available at Blivande - @hugi will contact the funders to find an extention

To facilitate the entrance of the newcomers we could create multiple pathways in?
1-2 page guide for educators, 1-2 page guide for facilitators, 1-2 page guide for writers / game designers

A call for projects on immersive storytelling Academy - StoryFutures
The Writers Salon, for fiction daily words quotas.

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