Follow up from 28/11: Local Development Thread

Witness as a tool for development of imagination and boosting the ideas
The result would be a very practical tool to connect (small) communities with the local government policy implementation.

  • Example - small municipalities in Sicily getting a lot of funding money but without the capacity and the imagination to employ it
  • similar projects with NL public organisations and youth require including/embedding the policy mechanisms in the game/tool

Ongoing activities:

  • In Messina: ?
  • In Netherlands: ?
  • Online: Workshops by @nadia

Ideas floated:

  • Developing appropriate Indicators: work on health, satisfaction, general wellbeing, macroeconomic indicators in combination with radically different ways of data usage

Taking lead on this: @FrankD @giacomo.pinaffo @jean_russell @alberto @nadia

Next steps?

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