Follow up: Webinar 2 "How to land your first client when you are unknown"

The webinar started with a quick introduction of @nadia , the mentor, as one of the Founders of Edgeryders.
"Edgeryders is a group of people who are experimenting with new ways of building businesses, new ways of engaging in activism, new solutions to problems that we care about" This is how she introduced Edgeryders. She highlighted that the community members share their experiments at the platform “which helps us to understand the challenges we are facing

You can have everything in life you want if you will just Help enough other people get what they want.” Quoted Nadia to follow up, as it’s the key to understand sales and client relationship.

Creating a client is changing behavior which is a “very expensive thing to do”.

The behavioral model, developed by a professor at Stanford university, states that in order to change behaviors you need to have:

  • someone who is motivated: they want something (an opportunity, etc.)
  • someone who has the ability: they have the time, the money, the energy, etc.
  • A trigger: something that makes the person act

You need then to figure out what need your product or service will be solving: basic needs (physiological), safety, esteem, etc.

The next step is to put yourself in the right place & actively observe: You need to be where the people you need to buy your product are physically or digitally, to listen carefully and take notes. This will make you a natural part of the social setting.

The ability is the second factor: Your offering needs to remove an obstacle to what people want. It needs to save people time, money, or offer the possibility to do a totally new thing. Something that the client didn’t know that they want because they didn’t know it exists.

Afterward, you need to figure out how your offering can solve all of their needs.
Get the bigger picture, figure out what pieces are needed and where you can find them. Even if you cannot offer everything to them, don’t worry about it - you figure out how you can work with others to make a package deal that meets the clients’ needs. Make sure you know you can add those things later, and we could build them exactly as the clients want them.

It would be best if you brake down the price of the offering into small segments. To do so, you need to think about your production process so that you only start with what you have without incurring additional costs.

This means you need to get creative in looking around you to see what resources you already have, and then packaging them to sell as a low-cost/low-risk offer.

Afterwards, Nadia shared the offline tasks (Offline Task 1 & Offline Task2 )

At the end of the Webinar @khouloud.ouesleti facilitated a Q&A question



thanks for the informations ,It is really important to find out exactly where our customers are and to build a good way to communicate with them.


Thank you OCI lab for this information.


thank you OCI LAB it was interesting to knew about this


First of all thank you so much for the quality of the training it’s really helping us to build an audience and move forward in the customers discovery journey.
As I had some technical issuess by the end of training , could you please re-explain the asks so I can complete it.

Appreciate your support and looking forward to hearing from you.
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Thank you for this follow up! Very interesting!