Fonds du logement

I drafted this to be discussed by @reef-finance : Nextcloud
I think it might be of interest to other Reeflings as well, especially @reef-inclusion .


Céline, thanks, this is good work. I went through the document and left some questions in the comments.

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I e-mailed your question about the pre-emptive right to Fonds du Logement (two of my neighbours told me it is forever, but the Fonds’s FAQ is not so clear).


A few days ago, I got a phone call from a Fonds du Logement employee. She confirmed that the Fonds has a pre-emptive right forever on the properties it finances. However, she said it is very exceptional nowadays that the Fonds uses that right. It is rather a formal procedure to prevent that people buy several properties with the help of the Fonds and sell each of them with a profit.