FormStorm Wiki

1. General Info on FormStorms

FormStorm - distributed offline/online event exclusively for filling in applications for funding forms: peer review and help each other to fll in forms and get projects funded. collaborative formfiling, if you like. Check the FormStorm Post and the FormStorm Popplet which is to be extended.

  • Groups all hack on their own projects together - in physical and virtual space
  • We pitch to each other
  • We hack, black hat and praise
  • We submit

“online hackatonlike fund application formfilling activity with hangouts, pads&docs, popplets, people, edgeryder platform and a lot of swearing.”


  • Less boring, less scary, easier to stay realistic and focused to fill in forms together.
  • Fixed time of the event - don't miss your deadline.


  1. Iterative cycle of scheduled GoogleHangouts with screensharing and simultaneus online document editing (read this or ping @aden or @k11 for details).
  2. Real Life get together/getaway event (Real Life Gettogether/Getaway FormStorm aka RL Getaway FS)

Participants FormStormers (6 types - please add/edit, types of participants can be used in the participant list so we know who does what. Each participant can also be of several types at the same time)

a) ones with solid projects and potential sources of funds in mind - can get/give comments and advice

b) with rather vague inspiring ideas - can formulate their ideas into the fundable project, or join and contribute to the existing solid one.

c) with experience of filling in forms, but no current projects - can join the project if they want to or just show off and be admired Sujok Delhi

d) those looking to partner up their project with other projects to go forward with more serious applications.Sujok Acupuncture

e) those wondering what is there to fund and support

f) people without projects, nor info on funds who would like to have a team to play around with online conferencing: try out tech tools, facilitation and time keeping tricks, wacky and clever project management techniques noone tried before.

xxx) - very important: burnout prevention fireengine beings with absolute power to say “u go to bed now”, “do 5min progressive muscle relaxation” and “u go eat now” and everyone instantly obeys.



Real Life Get together/Getaway (1) date is discussed - some time betw the 2nd and the 9th of december. Online/Offline Scheduled Hagnouts (2) - regular, next one is on Wednesday the 20th of November at 7PM CET. The link will be posted here. Homework obligatory so we don’t waste time reading out loud this very wiki.

2.1. List of projects and coresponding calls for applications with deadlines. Please start filling in, or briefing @k11 on where to look for them (prefer first option)

2.1.1 Social Innovation Competition EU (@alberto knows more)

2.1.2 RND

  • check with @fortyfoxes

2.1.3. The unMonastery Itself (Ben)

2.1.4 Horizon 2020: The EU’s new program for research and innovation (coresponding group on Edgeryders)

2.1.5 Other, local or not (please, add)

  • ping! @caroline (Climate, GMO, (Bio)Diversity, Health, Youth, Fair Business) @guaka (hitchgathering)

2.2. Loose projects/ideas with no obvious corresponding applications (including ones which can potentially merge with more solid ones) in case there are any of those.

2.3. Questions and Answers.


  • Shared Calendar with regular formstorm hangouts schedule and deadlines
  • Every FormStormer gets hold of a headset or a proper mic.
  • A list of current formstormers and their roles (can also specify the amount of time which can be spend on the FormStorm and the preferred date for the Real Life FormStorm somewhere betw 2 and 9 of Dec, as far as I get it, should double check that)
  • Space for the Real Life Gettogether/Getaway Formstorm (aka RL Getaway FStorm) somewhere in Europe, not too far away from the international airport (no endless bustrips) preferably, quiet with very good internet access, warm, where a small group of formstormers can comfortably stay and work.
  • Use projectors and good speakers when when we can, because we can.
  • Use FormStorm Popplet - add to it/edit, so anyoe who joins in later can join in easily.
  • Expand list of calls for application.
  • Edit and add to this wiki.
  • Avoid hardcore forced yoga group sessions: Real Life Getaway FormStorm is a family event and its very short. In case of unstopable yoga yearnings - go hide.
  • List useful things to bring to the RL Getaway FStorm or to borrow them on the spot (mics, speakers, projector, all that office jazz)

ER questionnaire “Suggestions for Questions - please complete”

My name and the name of my organization are:

I am especially passionate about:

At the moment I am working on:

I enjoy to be part of ER because of:

Within the next five years I would like ER to take a path that:

I could imagine to navigate into that direction by:

Next steps could be:

I would like to be involved in collective fundraising activities and could imagine to take on specific tasks like:

I especially good in:

I would like to learn or need specific help with:

I participated in LOTE3: yes / no

And then the LOTE3 questions?