FOSS techschool in Stockholm


I’m Elenor, I study at, exploring social entrepreneurship and leadership.

I also run the platform where you can request public documents and use freedom of information law digital.

And in a few weeks you will hear me in Civic Tech Swedens new podcast about civic tech.

During this year I have been exploring and researching what tech initiatives there are in Stockholm for children and youth to learn tech outside of regular school as a leisure activity.

With the emerging shortage of 70 000 IT-workers per year in Sweden (such as programmers, developers, technicians, Sweden is in danger of falling behind when it comes to digitalisation and internet development. I believe that if we introduce and teach tech to youth early, there is a bigger chance they would have an interest in the topic later in life, and even when “choosing” a career.

I want to start a tech-school that compliments the other tech-initiatives in Stockholm.

Ideally this tech school would:

Teach and use FOSS

Not be on a volunteering basis

Be outside of Stockholm, where the other initiatives does not reach. (And in the future, the whole of Sweden)

Also focus on schools and teachers, change school curriculums to focus more on tech and educate about opportunities of programs for learning.

Some of the question I still have to think more about:

How this school would survive economical

How to teach and use FOSS (and how you only do that?)

The basic layout of the school.

Who to collaborate with.

Please reach out if you have any experience or comments about this.

I hope to see a lot of you at the Teaching Teachers Open Source workshop in a few weeks!


Welcome! I will be at the workshop. Very happy to see you here on Edgeryders. I also run the Blivande house where the workshop will be hosted.

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Hey Elenor, welcome to Edgeryders :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Cool! See you there :slight_smile:

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Thanks!! :slight_smile:

ping @erik_lonroth super interesting people at your workshop :slight_smile:


I’m reading all the exciting posts and I’ll spend next week updating and interacting as much as I can. Its overwhelming how much potential this community has.

I think this workshop has potential to be something special.


@ellewe , just a quick reminder for the Edgeryders Teaching Teachers Open Source workshop.

The workshop takes place tomorrow:

28:th November - 10:00 - 17:00+

Södra Hamnvägen 9 (Hus Blivande, Directions 1 here)

Lunch included (nice and vegetarian)

Would be a perfect fit for you!