From Oil Container to unique piece of furniture, It's Readymade project

Readymade is a project based on recycling Petroleum products, they described their project as :

" Readymade is providing practical, accessible and affordable design solutions targeting eco-lodges and environmentalists, among many other market segments. Readymade relies on DEcontextualization, namely, changing the function of existing objects and using them in a different context

We are a team of makers who are concerned about the environment, who are solutions oriented; looking for the best way to serve people. The team comes from a background of community development, Technology and design.

We take oil drums and palette wood and convert them into furniture while giving these products more than one function to fit in limited spaces. By developing furniture pieces through combining ready-made material with smart design, Value and art to end up with creative and unexpected designs."

In my point of view, Readymade is more than a project, it’s a movement towards the change of the Egyptian’s mindset and trying to reduce the pollution and the impacts of Climate Change that caused by the Petroleum products itself

you can find their work here :


Hi Mona!

This looks really cool, thanks for sharing. Do you know how they are doing in the market, are they managing to sell these products enough to make a living off of them?

Also, is this project tied to anything that you are interested in working on with others - why did it catch your attention?

Hi Nadia ,

Sorry for late reply, They trying hard to reach people interested in their products by Participating in events like Riseup Summit at Cairo and Environmental events , But they didn’t achieve any profits yet. as I said we need to change the Egyptian mindset first , to find a place for projects like Readymade.
For me I’d like to work with Ready made and similar projects in protecting the earth from pollution and cope with climate change by raise the environmental awareness of the Egyptian Citizens and teach them how to get money from their waste . and I have a project to be explained in another post

:smiley: waiting for it.

and I don’t know the people behind the project, not sure how they are trying to reach people and customers, but may be it is better to market their product just as a cool hip furniture and find the people interested in their work in the wider market, not only the start up scene.
for example selling or showcasing one of their chairs at he fablab or a coworking space is good, but to sell more you can reach out the informal furniture market, find a trade-person who is interested in selling something new, see the feedback from the people regarding it as normal furniture, and start adapting to their needs.
I knew someone who was laser cutting some lightning units and using a cnc machine to produce all kind of stuff needed, he is not known in the start-up scene, and to be fair his products are not very artistic, but he was very successful and made lots of trade deals with sellers in El-attaba.
( the point is to look beyond the start-up scene, and to be sexy enough and fulfill a need to the furniture market in Egypt which is huge as the furniture is essential in the marriage system in Egypt :slight_smile: )

and invite them to the discussion or to the calls, may be we can fit something in the openvillage as we will be facing the question of furniture soon at the Reef- MENA ( check this out )

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Really I do love this!

Hi all ,

Thanks for your interest in the project and for your thoughts , I’m sorry that the Readymade team can’t join our conversation here, so if you need to contact them please do this via their FB page or website.

Thanks ,

a much needed project … but do you get your material from disposal points? or the streets? or from the market?


Amazing way to utilize available resources into great product. Loved the color combinations as well :slight_smile:

Hi @monarezk who are the founders of this projects please can you introduce them to the community ?

Hi @zmorda , The founder is Mostafa Hussien , his personal FB page : Mostafa Darsh Hussein
the project " Ready Made" page : Readymade
website :
You can contact him via Facebook as he doesn’t have account here. I hope this will help you to reach him.


Thank you Mouna :slight_smile: