Frontier Tech at the ISIE 2023 Conference: A Glimpse Into the Future of Industrial Electronics

Frontier Tech at the ISIE 2023 Conference: A Glimpse Into the Future of Industrial Electronics

Edgeryders presented at the ISIE 2023 Conference, the 32nd International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE), which took place from July 1 to 5, 2023. From breakthroughs in electric transportation to leaps in intelligent automation, the conference champions forward-thinking, aiming to cultivate professional interactions and to kindle the spirits of fellowship in the realm of science and technology.

With a broad spectrum of topics under discussion, our researcher immersed herself in sessions delving into the complexities of modern vehicles, a topic linked to TREASURE—a comprehensive initiative focusing on automotive advancements and the circular economy.

Engaging Panels and Ethnographic Insights

The ambiance was rife with inquisitiveness, especially during Edgeryder’s panel themed around vehicles. Our presentation, based on “event ethnography,” captivated the audience. An innovative approach in anthropology, it involves exploring the cultures within institutions and organizations, using events like conventions as ethnographic goldmines.

The gender dynamics within the industry, the comparative thinking of individuals about older versus modern cars, and cost considerations arising from ethnographic studies made for riveting discussions. Furthermore, the panel also shed light on the pressing need for battery circularity and the role of hydrogen in decarbonizing vehicular fleets, notably within the British Royal Air Force.

A series of talks centered on materials and modularity within the realm of life cycle assessment. A chance interaction with a civil engineer presented a novel concept—simplifying electronic designs in cars to empower DIY fixes, harking back to a time when vehicular knowledge was commonplace among owners.

Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology had an intriguing presentation that pivoted on the nuances of electric motors and the pivotal moments to opt for repair benefits—a subject that can revolutionize our understanding of vehicle maintenance.

ISIE 2023 also offered a treasure trove of discussions about the circular economy. Talks ventured into the potential of achieving circularity in various sectors, raising questions about the inherent value of recovered materials. An enlightening session on indicators led to a profound debate between the technologically optimistic and those who emphasized the need to reduce demand.

ISIE 2023 has been a hub of revolutionary ideas, raising pertinent questions and fueling conversations crucial for our sustainable future. As the curtains slowly draw on this intellectual gala, one thing is clear: the future of industrial electronics is not just about advancements; it’s about intertwining the threads of sustainability, ethics, and technological progression.