Full Members meetings 2024 – organisation

This thread is for organising Full Members meetings, in terms of scheduling, venue, dinner plans and other practicalities.

For the content of Full Members meetings and related action points, see: Full Members meetings 2024 – discussion/action points

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The next Full Members meeting is currently scheduled for 15 July, but we will need to organise one between now and then, in light of how much needs to be discussed at this point in the project, and because recruitment and onboarding will require a fair bit of attention in the coming period.

Here is the customary poll:

  • 26 June (evening) – available for a meal
  • 26 June (evening) – I would prefer online
  • 27 June (evening) – available for a meal
  • 27 June (evening) – I would prefer online
  • 29 June (lunchtime) – available for a meal
  • 29 June (lunchtime) – I would prefer online
  • 29 June (evening) – available for a meal
  • 29 June (evening) – I would prefer online
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If we opt to have a meal together on one of these days, we will need a venue. The idea is that we move it around so that everyone has a turn at hosting and cooking. If you’re not able to do so at your place for any reason, you can arrange to prepare a meal at someone else’s place, or if weather permits, put a picnic on at a park… :slight_smile:

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Afraid I can’t make it on any of those days (travelling that week) :frowning:

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Just noticed that Lie is doing a Q&A with Exploring Members on the evening of 27 June, so that option is off the table…

It’s decided then… next Full Members meeting will be dinner on the 26th. Any volunteers to host this one?

I’m not very enthusiastic about this. We have discussed this in the past, and the conclusion was that we would not try to divide this kind of tasks equally, as we don’t all equally share in the other tasks to be done, and we also don’t all have the luxury of living in a place that is big enough. As for me: I can host as many times as needed, but I would like to get a pass on the cooking: I’m not good at it, and I also want to use my time for other things.

@Lee - not exactly sure what the problem is? Your suggestion of using your place more often but someone else cooking is exactly the what I’ve said. All of the Full Members who have smaller places have previously said that they would like to do something like this. What is it you’re not enthusiastic about?