Full Members meetings 2024 – discussion/action points

The purpose of this thread is to be better organised around what is discussed during Full Members meetings, and the related action points that come from them. It is for three things:

  • · Adding points to the “agenda” for the next meeting, or for one in the future
  • · Posting a link to the minutes document when they have been added after each meeting
  • · Posting the action points that derive from each meeting

For the practicalities of organising the Full Members meetings, see: Full Members meetings 2024 – organisation


Let’s get the ball rolling!

The minutes of Sunday’s meeting are now available: Login – Nextcloud

These were the action points:

  • · Team Building to clarify m2 of apartments with updated programme
  • · Ugne to finish signing and sending of accords préables
  • · Team Finance to make a final proposal regarding the extra percentage that new members will pay

There was one point that I think needs further clarification:

@Alberto – you said that there would come a moment when everyone would need to gather with a bank card and card reader, in order to pay for something quickly (the deposit, I think), and therefore everyone would need to get a card reader from their bank before that moment arrives. This seemed important, so could you just clarify what is needed here, particularly for those that weren’t at the meeting…


No, misunderstanding. I wanted people to show up with an ID card and a card reader, in order to digitally sign the offer. This all imploded, and anyway we agreed that Docusign is going to be good enough in the future.

But still, people need to pay their share of the deposit, and this needs to happen now. Just, we don’t need to be together when that happens! Instructions here.

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