Fundraising campaign is now live - can you help spread the word?

Hey folks - the startsomegood campaign for the Life in Africa Family Transition Center has launched just yesterday. Check out the page at to see the Edgeryders piece in there - let’s hope this gets funded so we can see that come to fruition!

Very grateful for some of the questions asked by @Alberto and others here, which helped to clarify some of the campaign text. A big shout out as well to @tomjd at startsomegood for having such an incredibly supportive team!

We’ve raised 10% of the tipping point goal in just 24 hours - now to keep up the momentum! While any small donations are most welcome, we can also really use help getting the word out - facebook, twitter, etc… Thanking all in advance who might be able to lend a sharing hand.

Well done!

Excellent news, keep up the good work! Of course we will help as best we can.

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