Further information about Service Design in a Climate Emergency - PUBLIC

Thank you for signing up for Friday’s workshop

this is the public version of the same message sent to the attendees. If you haven’t got this - please message Chris Adams / mrchrisadams

There is now a resources wiki page too for this event - feel free to add your own resources for others to use.

Hi there, it’s Chris here - one of organisers for Friday’s workshop - Service Design in a Climate Emergency

Thank for you fighting you way through that signup form, and filling a bit about why you joined up - I feel like I know some of you already now!

Please read on for some more info about the event, and what is expected of you on the day. Once again, thanks for taking the time out to come.

When - 1 til 5pm

We’re opening doors at 12:30, and starting the workshop at 1pm. We’ll be finished, at 5pm.

Yes it’s Berlin, but we don’t have very long together, and so please arrive promptly - we’ll really do have to start at 1pm if we want to be finished by 5.

If you are unavoidably running late, please SMS or call Chris on 01578 474 4792.

Where - Muskauer Straße 24, Berlin

We’re running this event on the ground floor workshop at Spacebase. Once you’ve followed the instructions below, here’s what to look for. The same yellow bike will likely be there:

Spacebase Campus - Workshop Space (Back)
Muskauer Straße 24, Berlin,

The Space is located on the ground floor. Walk through the main entrance gate, past the first courtyard.The entrance to this space is in the second courtyard.

I’ve created a shared google photo album with more pics of the space, that you can add your own pics to for the event to. This is to make it easier to use in blog posts and so on after the event.

Who’s running the day

In a private message, listed who else is coming for attendees to see who they’ll be carrying out the exercises on the day with.

OK, see you on Friday!

Following up with from Design in a Climate Emergency.

Hi there, hope you had a nice weekend, after the workshop!

We’re in the process of collating all the pics, and illustrations to put into a series of posts but as we said on the day the workshop, but now comes your part - it would be really, really good_ if you wrote a quick experience report about the day and your thoughts on the subject, to help create the evidence base.

Support material:

Here’s the deck we were working from:

Here’s a link to the photos from the day too. It’s a shared photo album - if you have any to add yourself, please do. If you don’t want to use google photos, you can send a link to a compressed folder of pics using send.firefox.com, and I’ll add them myself.

Google Photos

Prompts to help start you off

You don’t need to answer these questions in a write up, but they might help if you’re not sure where to start.

What was key question you came to the workshop with?

What was the key takeaway from the day?

What do you see as the single largest challenge to designing for climate in industry?

What single thing would you want to see support available for, to help you with designing services as if we were in a climate emergency?

If there was one thing you’d ask other practitioners to think about in your field after the workshop, what would it be?

How to share your write up afterwards.

Create a new post with the tag servicedesign-festival-berlin-2019, in the Tell Us About You part of the forum, and if you can, share a link to it as a comment on this post for others to find.

It doesn’t need to be long, and 200-400 words is fine, but if you have more, go for it :slight_smile:

Writing mine

I’m in a workshop today, but I’ll be writing mine this evening, and posting it here, along with setting up a wiki page any of us can edit, to help collate useful links in the areas we identified on the day.

Have a good week - if you have any further questions feel free to add them!

I’ve added my write up here after the workshop.