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Hello my Dears, Noemi and Nadia.
I am so glad to hear you again. I am so interested in a job offer of an engagement manager. In my point of view I am an acceptable candidate for this post. I can freely connect in four languages ( armenian, russian, english and french ) on the other side this is so attractive in case that I can combine my study and this work. Also I am involved in many social movements because I am the president of students council of French University in Armenia so I'm always on line and I am an active follower of all social media sourcesOn the other hand I am a marketing specialist and I used to work with social media marketing tools.And at the end I will become free after my exams on 19 june. Actually if you find that I am a candidate who can work in this position I will be ready to start from 20 of june .
With Best Regards.
Gevorg Baghdasaryan