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Collaborating to make a future in Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco, Nepal and Ukraine

As always, several different things are happening within the Edgeryders community. You can already work on #LOTE5 (email or leave a comment), follow the Nepal Future Makers team’s efforts in mapping disaster relief efforts, meet&greet the emerging community in Bucharest or follow the emerging Future Makers Global Project

Making the Future? Future Makers Global

We already mentioned this new project last time: we are looking for interesting, relatively unknown, projects in Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco, Nepal and Ukraine! We are advising UNDP and UNV in their strategy towards youth volunteering (here) and are collecting case-studies. They will give insights on why people initiate and collaborate, and how larger groups/movements/institutions can support smaller grass roots initiatives. At least, that’s the plan. If you know of any inspiring projects: please share them!

You can follow the workings of the group here.

Two interesting discussions stand out: A new Logo and some methodology.

Nepal Needs

This week marks one month since the earthquake in Nepal and it is right about time to solve some of the key problems, such as sowing season, temporary strong shelters for upcoming monsoon, and effective planning for the actual reconstruction. If you have an idea of how we can organize help for Nepal earthquake victims, please share your thoughts here and offer your help as a volunteer together with our Nepal team!

Bucharest, European Capital of Culture 2021?

Noemi, one of Edgeryders community managers, has been spending months building an opportunity to bring EdgeRyders to Romania and Romanians to Edgeryders. It turns out, there is a whole range of grassroots initiatives in Bucharest that deserve attention, support and praise:

Spot the Future can help put us on the map. As I mentioned before, we have a great city, hell…a great country, it’s just that people lay in this pool of carelessness and laziness and they have been used to be given. Pointless to say who is guilty for this, the point is they need a push, a small impulse to get moving, to start actually contributing. And the energy is there, it just needs some channeling. (Home is where your story makes sense)

Come meet Ida and others like her, offer advice early on and you might just be invited to Bucharest for the project workshop in mid July! More info to come :slight_smile:

Thoughts? Ideas? Anything you want to help build?

Join the community by introducing yourself in a comment on posts or create your own post and let others know what projects you are involved in, and what obstacles you come across. We might be able to help!

Recommended reading:

To all newbies on Edgeryders (and with all these new projects there are many who joined recently!) do browse the story of our community turned spin-off, turned non-profit organisation, and see what’s in it for you in the long run - Let’s Adore and Endure Each Other.

P.s If you appreciate these newsletters and want us to continue making them, you can help keep us motivated by spreading links to the individual projects or this wiki on social media :slight_smile:


Lets define Future Makers Global

Let us define Future Makers Global a bit more and pin down what the aims of the Project are, so that the wider community can be clearer on how to contribute too. 

I also suggest we discuss the format the case studies will take, at least the lowest common denominator of what constitutes a case study! The crowdfunding discussion should help.

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Newsletter summarising what’s happening in Edgeryders

Hi Hegazy,  I agree about that need for defining Future Makers global. This newsletter is a general Edgeryders one directed to the whole existing community, and there are several ongoing initiatives to highlight so I would maybe start there?

Newsletter content

@Inge thanks for creating the Wiki!

These are the main topics I’d suggest for the newsletter:

- Future makers Global  - Mission and how people can contribute

- Nepal Futuremakers  - Ideas on how to organize help for the earthquake victims in Nepal

And of course LOTE5 !

Shall we decide which one of us wants to elaborate on one of these subjects and start editing the wiki? @Inge @Hegazy



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Good thinking

Thanks Anna, I added smth on Bucharest, but feel free to re-phrase…

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Cheers Noemi!

Looks good to me! Let’s see what @hegazy may add!


I just updated our mailchimp list with everyone who has signed up on Edgeryders in the last months. We rarely sent emails before and the list was a little outdated. Now at 1600 or so.