Future Makers Morocco


Edgeryders is in Morocco for the first time on June 09-11 and the purpose of our visit is to identify people, groups and projects that today are marginal, but could have a large influence in shaping up the near future in Morocco. 

UNDP and UNV are considering a new initiative, in which they would try to open up new relationships with young people that get organised to deliver brave, even radical initiatives for the social good. They are determined to make an extra effort to work with youth at the edge of society: those that are physically, economically, socially, culturally far from the centre of power. You are here to help us do this; and you help us by telling us about your projects and initiatives, what you are doing to effect positive change.

You have the chance to get involved in designing a new United Nations program for the future of youth volunteering in employment, social protection and data.

Join our informal gathering of young people, organizations, and practitioners working passionately for a cause who want to collaborate and share experiences in new ways.

Who it is for: Anyone passionate about their project. Citizens and representatives of initiatives related to unemployment, migration, poverty, environment and use of common spaces, arts, do-it-yourself approaches, community health and wellbeing, innovative civic participation channels etc.

Come meet one of the founders of Edgeryders - Alberto Cottica and bring your experience and stories to share over mint tea and biscuits!

Location is to be confirmed.

Date: 2015-06-09 16:00:00 - 2015-06-09 16:00:00, Africa/Casablanca Time.

URL: Workshop Morocco

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