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How do we document disasters gracefully and does Egypt run on hyper-Schumpeter?

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself. I am Natalie Gryvnyak, story seeker, journalist, youth activist and networker from Ukraine. I will be facilitating development of the Edgeryders community in Ukraine, will share interesting insights about the country, that in past two years has gone through war, social challenges and economic downfall. Hope our stories, initiatives and examples can help, inspire and be good for potential collaboration within your communities. You can always write me, comment here through my profile or via skype: nataliegryvnyak

Now off to the newsletter as to the recent activities in the Edgeryders community. Summer has officially started, yet work here is going quite extensively.

There are several news that have happened recently:

1. Dipti from our Future Makers Nepal team took the initiative to discuss how to document disasters gracefully. Here are the insights she collected. As always, welcome to discuss it after the click. ‪#‎edgeryders‬ ‪#‎futuremakers‬ ‪#‎nepal‬ ‪#‎earthquakephotographs‬

2. Case Studies Adventures kicked off in Cairo: Last week field Alberto and Nadia were in Cairo to visit @Hazem, @Hegazy, @SamarAli, @gazbee_sorour, @monarezk, @labanita, @amiridina and many other Egypt based community members to conduct research and start building the Future Makers project with our peers in the country, UNDP and UNV. There were plenty of meetings, interviews with grass root projects and high top officials during the event . Read the draft mission report, and join the Future Makers weekly calls to learn what is happening and how to get involved.

Activities you can join

  1. Learning to fail will be the new soft skills. Antiheroes & FuckUp Moods in Brussels, a proposal for organising our annual gathering - Living on the Edge LOTE5.

  2. In Bucharest, a futurespotters International Workshop is taking place on July 9-10. You can read more, and input some of the ideas, here:

3. In Nepal, Edgeryders community is organizing “Narratives of the Quake”, a Writer’s Workshop. There will be a team of experienced journalists, bloggers and people-of-word of all sorts, who will support the creative process with all their knowledge and enthusiasm. There will be great food, and some interesting screenings about citizen journalism, and a Citizen Journalism Toolkit for everyone. Learn more about it here.

  1. Join our weekly local Future Maker community skype calls in Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco and Ukraine. In every country the engagement manager organizes a weekly local skype call with people on the ground. You can join too! Or join the weekly global call here.

5. Engage with @Assembl_ #collectiveintelligence tool & comment on the synthesis of the #stewardship LOTE4 discussion

Thoughts? Ideas? Anything you want to help build?

Join the community by introducing yourself in a comment on posts or create your own post in the arrivals group and let others know what projects you are involved in, and what obstacles you come across. We might be able to help!

Recommended reading:

To all newbies on Edgeryders (and with all these new projects there are many who joined recently!) do browse the story of our community turned spin-off, turned non-profit organisation, and see what’s in it for you in the long run - Let’s Adore and Endure Each Other.

P.s If you appreciate these newsletters and want us to continue making them, you can help keep us motivated by spreading links to the individual projects or this wiki on social media :slight_smile:


Could you ad a paragraph on the community newsletter?


this is Ruxandra. As part of a small EU call won by Edgeryders, I have been working on a project where we have been testing the Assembl tool helping communities better make sense of the conversations.

We have imported posts and comments from Edgeryders community linked to the LOTE 4 discussion on Stewardship into Assembl and the plan is to create 3 synthesis out of it. The first part of the synthesis is now public.Here is the link to the synthesis of the first part of the discussion in Edgeryders and here is the link to Assembl.

It would be great to have the feedback of the Edgeryders community regarding the synthesis. Thus, could you please add this to the community newsletter? (probably in the activities you can join section?). Thanks

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Just go ahead and edit it into the wiki

We are going to be tweeting and FB updating with a link to it everyday the next week!

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Nudge me

Hi, I just skimmed over it quick. Looks interesting and I think it is something I’d like to give you feedback on. At the moment there’s a lot happening on my end so nudge me in a while, if it fell through the cracks. :slight_smile:

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