Futuremakers #Rustavi

We’re building #Rustavi into the city we want!


A quick update on rustavi and the next steps:

David has been a unmissable force in finding and connecting with people, Revaz has greatly supported local initiatives to work with the government, Sophia & Luka have made great steps in setting up their social cafe, Max and Meri were at the heart of the street art initiatives, and without Maia we would all be lost without her organizational support!

We have two months to continue and build a better Rustavi (in the project! the work of course never stops :wink: ). That’s why we’ll take the following steps:

  • I asked everyone to sign up to edgeryders.com (it’s really easy!) and join these threads: https://edgeryders.eu/c/future-makers
  • Meri, Max, Luka, Sophia (and David) will go beyond our own circles, and find people living in #Rustavi who are currently working on cool stuff - sophia mentioned a lady owning a second hand clothes shop the other day. Who else do we know? We will meet next week and I will explain what the best strategy is so we can build our own strategies.
  • Every week (possibly saturday) we will organize a community meeting sharing our:
    projects, progress, ideas, and ask for support where needed.
  • These are all open to join for everyone.
  • Saturday’s will be best for everyone in the community
  • we will meet at Laboratory, so I can leave my son in the daycare there.
  • the meetings will be in Georgian

Sophia and Luka will need to build a community around the cafe as well. They will meet with David and build a list of organizations they will visit, start making appointments, and meet them at their space. Explain them their plan and ask them how they would like to see the cafe. We’ll start next week as well.