Futurespotters Video Interview: Taras Siri from SmokeFree Tbilisi in Tbilisi, Georgia

Here you can also read Taras’ original introduction on Edgeryders.

Meet Taras from @smoke_free_tbilisi (www.sftbilisi.org):


SmokeFree Tbilisi is an interactive map of smokefree establishments, where people who prefer to enjoy an atmosphere with clean air can find somewhere to go out.

Right now it’s open season for public smoking everywhere in Georgia. in many places, in Europe for example, laws have been passed which prevent smoking in public spaces, in Georgia that’s not the case. There are very few smokefree places available.

SmokeFree Tbilisi are trying to establish a site, get people on there, get a few places listed and then drive business towards them so that other business owners will see that this business model can generate more revenue than the established model.

How can you help:

Getting the word out there!

Right now the key customers are foreigners from more smokefree environments . the benefits of smokefree establishments aren’t very apparent to most Georgians, but perhaps the old “it’s foreign - it’s cool” effect will occur here.

Taras is looking for more information on community outreach campaigns which have worked in other countries.

He also needs data on the changes (or lack thereof) with regards to customer numbers and profits in cities and countries where anti-smoking laws have gone into effect.

General promotion efforts - they’re planning a sticker campaign. to spread the idea to people who are not online at all or not as often.

They’re also planning to create a location-based application for mobile devices which can show smokefree establishments in the area. Any help, experience or advice would be appreciated here!

Does anyone know of suitable open source software which may be able to be adapted for this purpose?

Where can we find data on the effects of smoking legislation in places that have implemented it?

hello !

hello Taras @smoke_free_tbilisi

since we are heading up to the final event in Georgia , can u tell us more on the updates , I have seen the site when are u going to have a map where people can add their places .

also I can see here  that other people- like Elene -are working on mapping other stuff also can all these collaborate by adding layers on the same map ,technically can this work or not ? 

looking forward to hearing from u :slight_smile: