Smoke Free Tbilisi Project

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Hello from Tbilisi! My name is Taras, I am a consultant based in Georgia. I have been working here on and off for 2 years, and one thing that I found annoying is that it’s extremely difficult to enjoy smoke free atmosphere in public places in Tbilisi, especially in Restaurants and Cafes. For this reason, me and other friends who like to enjoy pleasant atmosphere without detriment to our health, are launching a public platform to promote local business that cater to non-smokers.

The beta version will launch about next week. The project is called “Smoke-free Tbilisi”. We are still debating the domain name, please provide your input. Options are





The preference is given to .org domain since it’s cheaper than .ge.

The development plan is:

beta: Simple listing of places by town region with a short map picture

v. 1: OpenStreet Map based database system with geolocation

v. 2: Android based app with geolocation The project will run on OSS platform, of course, so anyone can implement it in their own city later on :slight_smile:

The demographic: Visitors and citizens of Tbilisi who want to enjoy their time in a clean air environment.

We are also looking for Georgian contributors for the project and any funding/project help that may be available, although at the moment we have all the resources we need to go live with the beta version.

If anyone from Tbilisi wants to get in touch regarding this project my number is +995-579-10-81-79 Cheers, Taras P.S. I anyone needs technical assistance on their projects, feel free to get in touch.

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Hi Taras, welcome to Edgeryders!

If Georgia’s smoking policy for restaurants is anywhere close to the Romanian one where I live, I know exactly the feeling, as many of my friends experience the same, let alone foreigners who come visit. I very much like the idea of promoting good practices as opposed to awareness campaigns or policy-driven activism - since those things take much longer to give results and actually have an impact. I don’t fully understand whether your goal is also to help reduce smoking or simply make it easier for non-smokers to access a more suited environment for their needs. The two can work together I guess, in a project like yours.

A series of projects which can perhaps give you some ideas for future developments are the CarrotMob campaigns, which have started in the US and are now spreading across the world. It’s basically making a deal with businesses who are up for an upgrade towards green sustainability, service improvements, anything the people would enjoy. You make a deal and in exchange for the upgrade, you offer to bring a community of people willing to support that change by becoming customers… I find it quite fun and it seems it can work… Anyway, may be out of your scope but wanted to share this. Good luck!