Ganjina: shared economy micro project

A hole in the wall, now an open closet. The Ganjina project’s motto is to To Give and Take. Basically, you can put items in the closet you don’t need anymore, and take from it what you do need. It reminded me also a lot of Sandro, who wanted to install fridges around town for the needed (Sandro, I forgot your handle!).

I came across this project on facebook (@Uli shared it), too bad it is too late to include in the case study adventures, BUT never to late to include them into edgeryders in general! I will try to reach out to them for the next futurespotters meet up, but wanted to share their story nevertheless.

Read more here.

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Ganjina = Give Box

Thanks @Inge

Ganjina is basically a Give Box translated into the Georgian context. The concept of a give box isn’t new, check out for more infos

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