Get consent to include specific stewardship case studies in analysis

Following the team meeting last Friday, we agreed to be cautious when handling stewardship experiences in the ethnography which are not told by the people directly involved: mainly content in the Stewardship Case Studies group. Two questions arise:

  1. Is third-party content (which is reported on the platform, not directly created) content that is relevant for ethnography at all? Alberto proposes that the content can go in, as “transcriptions do qualify as qualitative data”. We lose the connection to an Edgeryders account in that way, though.

  2. Can we have that content further endorsed by the original authors? It would not work to invite all these interviewed people on the platform according to Maria, but would be ok if their content is included.

The decision is to use a code “third-party content”, allowing to filter this content in or out depending on what we want in the report.

Actionable: Get third-party consent. Inga and Noemi will write e-mails to that end. Inga, I suspect we should get on to this after a preliminary selection of content, identifying which pieces are susceptible. Do you need my help for anything?


Marked as done

Inga is running the analysis using the materials agreed upon.