LOTE4 Stewardship Case Studies



This group is for gathering case studies for this years LOTE. We’re be generating and collating many examples of projects as part of the Case Study Adventures. Please add your here according to the format suggested.

Looking beyond the “sharing economy” hype: Collective intelligence at work in Gijon
The Rockefeller Foundation to support Edgeryders in building an ethnography of stewardship
Get consent to include specific stewardship case studies in analysis
#unCookd and #unBroken: What's happening at the Edgeryders #31C3 assembly
Notes from the #Lote4 session on The Case Studies Adventure
Deliverables: Narrative Reports (Interim and Final)
Stewardship content for analysis: adding the numbers
The Stewardship: what have we learned about engaging the networks?
If it ain't broke don't unFail it | LOTE5 goes Nomadic
Organizing online dialogue in post-earthquake Nepal