Get your ticket to #OpenVillage: Help set up a website for event communication and outreach

These days edgeryders will be moving onto a new platform using discourse (exact date tbc).

For #OpenVillage Festival, this means we lose this minisite we set up with festival information aggregated in one place:

We need help setting up a website whose main goal is to communicate effectively about the event to the people who registered and newcomers - visually attractive and containing the most important and up to date information. The site is all static, but should include a page which links to festival coordination.

Primary materials to use:

Structure of pages/ sections

  • Homepage - 1 paragraph statement

Organised by - embed video:
OpenVillage Festival
Follow us: Facebook Twitter Newsletter
General inquiries:
Contributions & Partnerships:

Other ideas for materials which can be used for information and styling:

Other ideas:

  • example of a landing page we used for previous event (NB it's now messed up in the new installation)
  • example for festival missions statement :

To complete this task, leave a comment below with your availability and what you can help with - coding the website, synthesis of information, producing new videos or other visual materials etc… Any effort is appreciated! Once the work completed we will send you the festival ticket!

Wordpress theme templates available here:

  • choose one that includes a counter with remaining hrs and mins to the festival.

I noticed that the link for the “visual design” is unaccessible because it hasn’t been made accessible yet. It’d be great if everyone could view it :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m not sure what the agreement is with the original designer, so if you click and just ask for permission to view it would be great, thanks! Also @jonathan_sundqvist are you interested in helping with a funnel event site? Any ideas welcome.

I may have found someone to code it, she’s sending a mockup later this week…