Global collab diversification of hybridized strategies/initiatives

Framing of problem   So far, most of the focus of open government strategies and projects has been on transparency. As has been discussed in Jamel’s mission report about innovation in Algeria, one single minded ideology (ie putting all the eggs in one basket) tends to limit success in innovation. Has it been the case for open government?  What is the degree of variety, social inclusion, and diversification of strategies and intiatives adopted so far?

Value proposition / Short definition   Open up the possibilities by diversification of strategies and initiatives, and while continuing to maintain existing activities and initiatives. Switch the focus on participation and collaboration with citizens.

For whom   For all States and their citizens

Value for citizens   A wider variety of solutions and experimentations would allow to engage a wider range of citizens. #socialinclusion

Value for governance  New hybridized strategies and more extended results, tending towards sustainable change.

Why is it different   Scholars as Claudia Megele or Hakim El Karoui are supporters of state-building through the variety of “scenes” (situations) rather than the old uniformity that was reflected (and still is) by "a single god ", or “a single ideology”. By “ideology”, we mean a “system of ideas”.  What differs in this project is the construction of strategies based on generated knowledge (data), the newest possible, the highest quality possible quality, but from different areas (without these areas disappearing). It leads to the creation and production of new hybridized areas results.