Global collaborative heterogeneous game of man

Framing of problem   Today’s world is extremely complex, among others, because our activities, and also the knowledge that we come in contact about states of the Real that we can no longer ignore (or which we can no longer accept the effects by simply saying, “It’s like that", "It’s the fault of bad luck ", or that there must be geniuses).

We can count on nature to produce varieties of humans or take over the varieties of human design. Currently, this variety is made of top-down mode. There are elites, then those who execute the orders and workers more or less useful, then further down, the sick, the insane, the unemployed, the unable, the unstable.

Would it not be better to think that our societies have varied needs of humans, with varied skills, occupying various places, but everyone is needed to make our societies function?

These varieties can also be experienced as a variety of businesses, in the products and services they have to offer, but also in their modes of organization. Here is a link on the review of a books of authors on this topic:


All periods of change are characterized by the prominence of new models of human beings, new men and the strengthening of old models. Everyone wonders what is the best Man for the times ahead. And everyone wants to participate in the definition, wants to put away important qualities and eliminate behaviors, ways of doing things considered detestable.

At a time when Europe and the world is being transformed and reshaped, we can choose an approach that will put all these competing models, struggling against each other into something mostly violent, to be the only Man possible and eliminate others. We may also decide that these definitions, these fights, these wars are not just for authorized persons, philosophers, men of science, religious, political leaders, but for everyone.

Value proposition / Short definition   The Game of the Man, proposed on Edgeryders by philosopher Michel Filippi, is useful because it allows to designing different types of men we need in a society that is, in principle heterogeneous.

Features  We can decide that these approaches are not civilized because they ignore a solid basis of our science and what is worth being transmitted around the world to come. No human being is able to completely described by the Real from a single model. Also no human being is able to completely describe Mankind from a single model.

We will be civilized if we can design different Men and articulate them to best describe humanity, so that every human being may choose one of these men, and try to integrate them inside him/her.

About the Game   Describe what could your man and what he cannot do.

Support your description with examples of experience.

Justify your description by neuro-cognitive and physical models.

Describe the education process necessary to develop the skills of this man or to eliminate defects of the human whom he will embody.

Show how this man can live by converting resources to products, businesses, institutions,

The qualities that you set, the defects that you want to be eliminate must be possible, for your  man to live.

For whom  For everyone.

Value for citizens   Define oneself with qualities and potential. Recognize oneself in one (or several) human model.  Upon learning about the opportunities, grow as much as possible, towards full potential for each citizen.

Value for governance  It identifies opportunities for development of the human race, and allows everyone to choose their ideal model of Man, and attempt to reach the highest vision of themselves (towards the goal that every citizens reaches his/her full potential).

Why is it different    This project is different because through a game, it allows everyone, every citizen, to find his/her place in society. This project, based on diversity and living together, allows each individual to be valued. Through exploration of the various models of Man, it allows to identify how each type of human being contributes to society, in his/her own way.

Heterogeneous Game of Man

Our societies, our civilizations are complex by the way of culture. And Humans are complex, by nature. An other word is ‘heterogeneity’. The signification of this word is: ‘Don’t have the hope to reduce the complexité of humans without killing the nature of Man’ and ‘Don’t have the home to reduce the complexité og societies, civilizations, without killing the Culture’.

Heterogeneity is the way for building the New World and the only way to increase our knowledges about Reality, about ourselves, and so on.

‘Heterogeneity’ fits nicely with Game of Man

‘Heterogeneity’, a word you often use in your posts. It fits nicely with the expression ‘Game of Man’, which may, in fact, confuse many people. Looked up the meaning in the dictionary, to be certain of the definition, before including it in the title of this project.


The definition I give is a philosophical one that I conceive. In the dictionary. ‘heterogeneity’ is a condition to be composed of several parts and I say ‘heterogeniety’ is the condition to be a human, to live in society, to build a civilisazation. And I add, it is forbidden to transform ‘heterogenity’ into ‘homogeneity’. That is a philosophical build a concept.

4 more models to the Game of Man

Nicolas Hel is playing the Game of Man. His model is called ‘Free Man’ and #EspritRural.

‘L’homme Libre mange Dieu pour acquérir conscience et connaissance et devenir qui il est.’ (Nicolas Hel) (

‘Bonheur et liberté vont de pair. Subis, tu perds la liberté. Choisis, tu trouves le bonheur.’ (Nicolas Hel) (

‘A chacun sa joie, sa sérénité. La liberté est dans le choix, la découverte, l’expérience. La route est unique à chacun.’ (Nicolas Hel) (

‘Ëtre un “Homme libre” n’a jamais été aisé socialement, existentiellement car souvent cela entraîne une coupure d’avec le corps social, coupure qui peut engendrer des comportements comme la folie, l’ivrognerie, etc. Mais aussi être “libre” demande un cerveau plus complexe, plus stabilité et ça c’est très difficile, tu ne crois pas?’ (Michel Filippi) ( / /

‘Il s’agit toujours de savoir si être “libre” c’est refuser les liens sociaux ou savoir comment, pour quoi nous pouvons accepter des contraintes sociales ou en refuser d’autres?’ (Michel Filippi) (

#MangerDieu c’est intéressant car c’est modélisable par la Systémique’ (Michel Filippi) (

‘Ah ce vieux débat philosophique entre #Liberté et #Bonheur ;-[))’ (Michel Filippi) (

#EspritRural Il manque les #Comment? Mais une question. Quels sont les skills de cet #EspritRural? ;-))’ (Michel Filippi) (

Helene Finidori proposed as a ‘hors-d’oeuvre’ this presentation. Voici un avant-goût de plat: Commencer par “We Move”…  (  Michel replied: ‘J’ai apprécié les hors-d’oeuvre ;-)’

Michel Filippi said that he received information for an ‘Algerian Man’.

And I also played the game with Nicolas, by sharing some thoughts about the ‘Free Man’. (via Twitter). More than 50 tweets this past week.

Arthur Doohan spoke about models in his mission report: ‘The upside of collapse: 6 ways to live’. He wrote: ‘In my view, a greater imperative to have a vision of what shape we want the ‘New World Order’ to be.’

Another game !

Even if i still can’t describe efficiently what is this free man, i’m designing a meta-game and a global system that would allow anyone to become himself, which is basically what is a Free Man.

Meta game : Working doc 

Open meta-system and micro-communities model :

These tools and concepts are a model of alternate society that could help the emergence of the Free Man model in all mankind.

But yeah, i still can’t say exactly what is a Free Man, it’s a tricky and complicated game. :frowning:

Models are interconnected by a complex web of relationships

Thanks for sharing a document as reference, Nicolas. Besides the discussions on Twitter, I was not aware that you had started writing down your thoughts about the Free Man.

Indeed, this Game of Man is not easy to play! Very complicated. I have played it for about 8 months now, and it’s always floating in my mind, somewhere in a drawer of my head.

Even after all these months, I have not finished building my model. It does not please everyone, but I would like people to let me live and breathe, and let me define my own vision of the future, even if it looks a little silly and strange to some people. There is enough air around for everyone, does not it?

It’s a Game. But even as a game, heterogeneity is not easy to achieve and to accept.

I noticed something lately. A model of Man can have links with other models. For instance, children of a certain type of Man can grow into another model, in reaction to a model, or to counterbalance a model. Therefore, in addition to their specific components, models of Men are interconnected by a complex web of relationships, lives and situations.

The more you define your model of Man, the more you know about yourself. The more you know about yourself, the more you grow. The more you grow, the more conscious you become of others. The more conscious you become of others, the more you want to do something to contribute to a bigger whole. The more you contribute, the more you perceive that you may change the world?