Global opengov connectivity

Framing of problem   Open government expert Andrea Di Maio explained that women leaders more readily embrace the open government’s philosophy. Edgeryders is the first open government experimental project providing data evidence about gender contributions, which is an invitation to further exploration and analysis.

Value proposition / Short definition   Evaluating and valuing gender contribution in a collaborative approach could contribute to improve co-governance in all areas of society.

Features   Exploration and analysis of various gender points of view, know-how and ways of doing could bring more balance in society.

For whom   For everyone, with a focus on gender contribution.

Value for citizens     Participants are valued and encouraged to develop their abilities at making connections. Individual transformation and group transformation. A greater gender balance could be achieved.

Value for governance   Important societal transformation through opportunities for personal, group, and network breakthroughs. More integral approach to social development. Emergent grounds for development into new models of leadership and governance.

Why is it different    What is different is the focus and analysis of differences in gender behavior and attitudes, the assumption that there may be a different way of exercising power, that emerges under conditions of open government collaboration, and becomes effective in a virtual environment and online communities.