Greetings and salutations!

I’m Leonid Mujiri (Leo or Mojo) and I’ll be your photographer for the duration of the 24-26 June Tbilisi event. So, me and my equipment are at your service.

here’s some of my work, if anyone’s curious about what comes out the other end of my camera :slight_smile:


The logistics of beauty :slight_smile:

Leonid, welcome to Edgeryders. I looked at your work. The photos are beautiful and poetic and I believe this an important part of coming together as we do in Tbilisi.

There is an aesthetic element to framing how we understand ourselves in relationship to the world. If we are made to see beauty in ourselves, we are better able to bring it out in others. So I am happy you will be joining us.

A few questions…

We would like it that each individual participant in the event has one photo with themselves in it. As well as photos of more than one person in them. Your photos are often shot outdoors in different settings. And  during the event we will be doing a lot of sitting in a room talking which I think is not a good setting for really beautiful photos and portraits.

What do you need to be able to do this kind of work in a concentrated amount of time. Any special locations you want to use in Tbilisi? And how do we organise ourselves so that you can get beautiful shots of each individual participant taking into consideration the time constraints…

Please share your thoughts so we can get organised already from now if possible.

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Great to have you on board Leo, looking forward working with you!

Nice to meet you Mojo!

Same here, very excited about this… lovely photos!

To give you an idea, our conference venue is the Int School of Economics (ISET), but in the evenings of 24,25,26 we’ll be walking downtown Tbilisi, at Bauhaus Cafe, Tiflis hotel in the old centre, as well as Vake Park in the last day… The rest, as Nadia points out, can also be up to you, so any ideas you have, do share!

Dear Nadia and Noemi, the venue is not going to be a problem as long as we go out somewhere afterwards, and “Old Tbilisi” is a great place for that, especially the area around Bauhause… Vake Park is fine too, plenty of spots for portrait backgrounds…

As for ISET, I’ve shot there before when i was with World Bank, and as long as I have a flash, it’s not a problem :slight_smile:

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At ISET we also have access to two different gardens: the courtyard with the cafe in it and in the front. So, I guess it’ll all be fine! :slight_smile: