Greetings from Haykel

Hello everyone

This is Haykel from Medenine, Tunisia. I’m currently studying computer science at the university of Gabes, Tunisia.

In addition, I’m managing a company, in fact we are manufacturing natural cosmetics like massage oil, beauty masks…

Without forgetting my artistic side, I’m a dancer and choreographer, and I have experienced animating and presenting in many festivals.

I have heard about Edgeryders Community recently, I’ve attended the Webinar at OurGhema Coworking Space, and I’ve extremely appreciated what have Noemi, John and the others gave us.

I’m happy for being a part of this community :slight_smile:


Hello @haykel, welcome. Wow, when do you sleep?

I am curious about this company of yours. Is it based in Medenine? Where do you find the raw materials? Where are your clients, is it local or are you exporting the product?

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Hi !
It isn’t too late :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Well, the company is owned by my family here in Medenine, it isn’t too “big”, it’s specialised in natural products, and we have a lot here to exploit, most of our clients are based in Tunisia ; SPA’s and hotels; and sometimes we export to France, Algeria and Saudi Arabia

What I meant is: if you study AND work AND dance, there is not much time left for sleeping :slight_smile:[quote=“haykel, post:3, topic:8817”]
we have a lot here to exploit

Such as? I know nothing about cosmetics.

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Not only that, but I’m also an Android developer, and I’m working with a nice team, but it’s OK, I’m managing my time in a good way to have time for sleeping, for my family and GF… It’s all about managing your time

Like green Clay, or argil and such natural materials used in manufacturing natural products

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I like your approach towards time and I was surprised by your profile saying “I adore working”.
You’re in the right place, I’m sure @Yosser already enlisted you for a collaboration :slight_smile:
Are you helping with Digital Medenine, a project now in the making?

I was one of the edgeryders crew who visited Medenine and facilitated at the Camp - it was meaningful to see so many inspired people to build locally.

My friend @Puja who lives in Norway is into natural cosmetics too, but she uses fat, salt and spices… and working on her craft independently and in a zero-waste format.


Thank you so much Noemi :heart:

I wish when you come back to Medenine, you’ll find that things have changed

I’m intrested about you friend Puja, I’ll contact her soon :grinning:

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Yes we are definetly cooking something with @haykel :smiley:


Last time I heard she wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I can see a perfect match here!! :slight_smile:

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