GTF Berlin 23 - Lina [EN]

So I’m Jos and I’m working on research in circular economy and automotive sector. And I would like to know your point of view. If you accept, I’m going to record our conversation, transcribe it and put the transcription with a pseudonym, not with your real name in a repository of text documents that will be used for the research. If we do that and you change your mind later and no longer want to participate, get in touch with us and we will immediately remove your interview from the repository. I’m leaving you an information sheet with contact information. If you agree, then please tell your first name and that you agree.

Okay. My first name is Lina and I agree.

Thank you, Lina. So the first question, can you define a circular economy in your own words?

A circular economy would be perfect if all the materials which are used in one product can be used in another product again.

Uh, do you participate in the circular economy yourself in any aspect of your life?

Yes, I hope so. Yeah, I’m at my work and. I recycling or separating my own waste at home and doing it in the special bags we have in Germany for the recycling process.

How did you become interested in circular economy ideas and practices?

I think I don’t know if there was a special point in my life, but I think it’s worth it’s really, really the future. How to do economy in Europe and the world.

In your opinion, can a circular economy be implemented in industrial sector or industries?

Yes, of course.


Yeah, we have we have to work together with a lot of partners and suppliers and we have to speak with the one who do all the waste management and then we can do it not for every material, but for the most of them.

Do you think the circular economy already exists in the car industry?


In which part? Explain, please.

For example, for aluminium and steel, there are very good processes now for some also for plastics. Um, but we are working on this very hard. Uh.

Do you think. Do you currently own a car?


Which kind of car.

mid-sized car.