GTF Berlin 23 - Lina [EN]

Regular car. Yes. Yes.


So what is the one adjective or what is the first thought when you think on electronic parts in the car?

Um, the, uh, Laden (charging). Laden charging, charging saturation.

And what else?

Electronic components?

No, there were I would immediately buy an electric car if that would be possible to charge at home. And I only use it to to go to holidays and to go to the mountains. And if there are any places where I can could charge my car in the mountains, it would be great.

In your opinion, are cars that include electronic components easier or harder to adapt to circular economy principles than normal regular cars?

It really depends on which materials you look at. So if you look at some plastic parts, for example, I think it’s easier if you look at the batteries. Of course it’s harder.

What can the automotive industry do to promote a circular economy? your opinion

To promote externally to the.

circular Economy to do it.

In the communication.

Not only communication, also to do it to. Okay.

I think we have to to speak with our suppliers and with, as I said, the the waste management people. And these have to work together. And then it it’s manageable. Manageable, I think.

Do you think they do it already or is it the future?

They do it already and it’s the future. Both.

Do you have any concerns about privacy and personal data stored by car electronics, for example, GPS?

Um, no. Um, because I know that they are really good. It depends a bit on the company. Um, on the car company. I think the European companies are really, really good at data securing and all the data management stuff.

And electronics generally in general, every kind of electronics.