Hack 4 Envirement Tunisia: GTherapy

My name is @iyed_1, i’m 17 years old and our team me, @yassine_el_metoui_84 and @aziz_harbiharbi_83, we are interested in computer science.
The problem:
people not conscious enough about the environment and what can happen in nearly future.
Project idea
Our project is social media that make our users talk about positive and negative environmental
actions by writing posts in every particular SDG and that’s for the 1st part. In the 2nd part users can post new solutions or projects and it can be funded by any investor.
Product design deliverable
when an investor fund a project, we take a percentage from it.
Product strategy canvas:
1)Business strategy:
I)People aren’t aware about the dangerous effects from environmental issues/Governments aren’t focusing on environment and they don’t try better to make solutions.
II)We will make requirements to ameliorate our project,we will contact the environmental organizations,We will participate in international events to promote our product,looking for financial assistance this project is available for all the categories of the population in all nations we will work on our online presence by using digital marketing technics.We can collab with some companies and some projects about green cities and smart cities.
Objective: make people more aware and conscious,make people look for solutions for environmental issues and to spread the environmental protection culture.
Value Driven Metrics: a lot of people are aware of the serious environmental issues and we see that lately in social media the events and the protestation about the global warming for wild fires happened in amazon forest.


Hello @iyed_1
Hope you enjoyed your time during the 3 days of the hackathon :slight_smile:
I really liked your idea! And personally I strongly believe that in a country where people are struggling to make a living no one cares about measuring or reducing his environmental impact. It make absolutely sense to find an effective way to raise awareness for environmental issues. Framing the solution into a social media needs more reflection in my sense please check Social Media is broken, let's do better!
Ping @JollyOrc may be you can help Iyed and his team to better design their solution

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Hello @zmorda
We are working to aware people and to help them to make solutions for the 17 targets of SDG.
Our social media is not just social media but it can help this globe to be better than before with some solutions will be maked by users.
We found the solution to make every person find the sollutions to make justice for our environment.
Our goal is to make justice to this planet and to ameliorate our world.
We belong to this world and this world belong to us this our principle to be more active to make solutions to help our home to be more safe and to make people aware that this world is our home and we need to make it safe and clean.
GTherapy not just a social media but it’s solution to make many solutions.
@iyed_1 @aziz_harbiharbi_83