Hack 4 Environment Greater Tunis


Do you want to be part of developing solutions to the environmental problems that we are currently facing in Greater Tunis?

Dates : 22 / 23 /24 Of November.
Place : Tunisia, Greater Tunis at Higher School of Digital Economy.
Time : Non stop

In Greater Tunis, and Tunisia in general, the environmental issues are NOT yet considered as REAL problems, which could be understood when you find a huge unemployment rate, the poverty and dropping out of schools rates have also increased in the last few years because of the economic crisis. BUT, we know how we should move for the environment, and how if we think sustainability, if we think long term, then people should be aware of how serious our environmental issues are.
For that, we are going to be part of the Edgeryders Hackathon series that are going to be delivered in the MENA region, to raise awareness, to tackle our problems and solve them!

Why should you participate?

  1. It is a community based event so you will be working with extraordinary people who believe in CHANGE.
  2. There will be interesting workshops and webinars with EXPERTS from the Edgeryders community that will guide you through the way to develop your solution into a real sustainable product.
  3. There will be prizes that will help turn your prototype into reality:
  • The first two winning teams from Medenine projects selected by Edgeryders’ team will win the possibility to join an online incubation with OCI Lab, and will be in the race to get a budget up to 15k $ to develop their MVPs. (Subject to their completing the selection process and criteria of the OCI Lab).
  • Second two projects: Access to OCI Lab to benefit from their online incubation program. (Subject to their completing the selection process and criteria of the OCI Lab).
  • The second third and fourth winning teams will be in the selection process for an online incubation with OCI LAB, and if more funding will be available in the future, they will benefit from it.

How to be part of the Hackathon?

  1. Create an Edgeryders account here: https://communities.edgeryders.eu/login
  2. Fill in this application form:

Want to contribute?

If you feel like you can be part of this hackathon, that you can help the teams protoype their ideas and help the develop them into real solutions, then please join us!

We appreciate each single contribution and look forward to meeting you

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this event being organized?

This event is organized as part of the Edgeryders festival , and it is one of the series of the hackathons that will be organized in the MENA region at the same time. It is a community based event and it was coordinated in the Edgeryders platform, like the previous events we have organized.

The MENA region Hackathon are led by @Sohayeb so if you have any further questions you may share them with him, he wil answer with pleasure.

Looking forward to hearing from you everyone!



Bienvenue sur la plateforme @RaouaaZ je suis très content de te voir ici pour représenter ton club Joker ESEN et je suis encore plus content pour vous voir nous rejoindre dans le mouvement “Hack 4 Environment”.
Peux stp nous présenter plus ton club et ton école? Cela nous aidera à vous matcher au futur avec d autres projets/gens/opportunité etc

Mercii @Sohayeb
Oui bien sur avec plaisir
Aloors JOKER ESEN est un club universitaire fondé au sein de l’Ecole Superieure de l’Economie Numérique Manouba ( ESEN) depuis 2016.
Notre club est fondé grâce à l’esprit d’un groupe d’ESENiens souhaitant travailler, innover et inventer dans les domaines de leurs études (IT et entrepreneuriat) ainsi que dans les domaines associatifs et culturels dans le but de préparer les étudiants à une meilleure intégration professionnelle.

Et notre ESEN est une école unique dans son positionnement. Se caractérise par son interdisciplinarité qui croise le domaine du technologies à celui de management et qui puise sa force dans la multidisciplinarité d’un corps enseignant de renommé, notamment, dans le domaine de la recherche. La formation à l’ESEN a la singularité de l’interdisciplinarité qui conjugue Business et Digital.
ESEN en vidéo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=21&v=xVODQV5ncjM

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Nous sommes contents de te voir encore une fois parmis nous :slight_smile:
En fait en Tunisie, il y a aussi @Yosser et son espace OurGhema Coworking Space à Medenine qui organisera également le Hackathon. Je pense que vous pourrez faire des choses ensembles au futur pour faire quelque chose pour la jeunesse de Medenine qui a besoin de vos talents et compétences :wink:
Also meet @nadia cofounder of Edgeryders; She is coordinating all activities in the MENA region.

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