Hack 4 Environment: Process & Genral Agenda


4 Hackathons will be organized in the MENA region at the same time. All events could be found here:

The topic of the Hackathon will be, how can technology help achieve the following Sustainable Development Goals?

  1. GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
  2. GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
  3. GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  4. GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  5. GOAL 13: Climate Action
  6. GOAL 14: Life Below Water
  7. GOAL 15: Life on Land

All teams will be invited into choosing one or more of the above SDGs to work on, and come up with solutions to address it/them and achieve the goals set by the UN.


Before the Hackathons:

Register & Tell us about yourself through this link: Edgeryders Forms

What we really care about is the quality of the project proposals, how innovative they are and what impact they could have on their cities or why not the world, the topic of the event has been announced two weeks in advance so to give all participating teams the chance to do necessary research. So make sure to do your homework before showing up in the Hackathon.

Though the official start of the Hackathon will be on Friday 22nd of November, the exact starting and ending time vary from a Hackathon to another depending on local context. Make sure to check these details in the Hackathon post of your city or with its local coordinator. Also make sure to confirm your registration with them.

If you have any questions, feel free to post your questions there and the local coordinator and the Edgeryders’ team will be more than happy to answer you.

Before the Hackathon (day before):

Pre-recorded video with Nadia EL-Imam, Edgeryders co-founder in which she will present Edgeryders, MENA YP and OCI Lab.

During the Hackathons:

Each Hackathon will deliver in-presence workshops delivered by volunteering experts and partners who were mobilized by the local coordinators. The nature of workshops varies from a Hackathon to another. Please check the post about the Hackathon in your city/country for further information and updates concerning their agendas.

Yet all Hackathons will be following this format: .

Day 1: Getting to know the people and supporting teams

  1. Creative listening exercise: It fun and easy icebreaker that also helps participants to produce engaging presentations of who they are and the community get to know them. Participants should be divided into groups of 3 by local organizers, and the follow instructions on this link: Listen.edgeryders.eu (Note that the answers can be in any language, each group must have at least a computer as the will be filling the form online) - Timing of this workshop is left to be determined by local organizers.
  2. 6pm-7pm CET time: Webinar and Live chat on Product Design with Susanne Stauch, Associate Professor of Product Design at Berlin University of the Arts.
  3. After This online workshop, participants do assigned tasks to fill in a product design template presented to them by the OCI Lab team - To be shared by @nadia and the speaker) (Deliverable 1)

Day 2: Developing the ideas

  1. Participants can present their product design to their peers for feedback and then post the results on the online workspace for the hackathons.
  2. 3pm-4pm: Webinar and Live chat on Storytelling for Sales with storytelling and game design expert @matteo_uguzzoni
  3. Participants complete assigned tasks to fill in their sales presentation template for their projects which they will receive from the OCI Lab team - To be shared by @nadia and the speaker) (Deliverable 2).

Day 3: Presenting the projects

By day three of the hackathon before 1pm CET time, each team must post on thededicated private workspace their project proposal that includes:

  1. A presentation of the team members (names and 1-sentence introduction to each one)
  2. The problem statement and what are the targeted SDGs
  3. The project idea
  4. Product design template (Deliverable 1)
  5. Sales presentation (Deliverable 2)
  6. A plan of action with detailed budget to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) (Deliverable 3).
  7. Optional but appreciated: The Url to a A 1-2 min video in which the team present their idea. This is optional, but teams are highly encouraged to do it as it will help OCI Lab team and invited experts in making final evaluation.

After the hackathon: reviewing and announcing results

  1. Participants are encouraged to read one another’s posts, post questions to their peers, and respond to questions from the others, to give constructive feedback.
  2. The OCI Lab team and Hackathons’ organizers will:
    • Read through the presentation post of the project proposals, and into their deliverables and post comments with some follow up questions to collect information needed from each one
    • Propose some team constellations of people when relevant who can work well together moving forward
    • Shortlist the best teams for inclusion in the next phases of the OCI Lab process and do a due diligence check on them
    • The shortlisted teams will have fixed appointments to attend community calls with Edgeryders’ team and volunteering mentors from different fields. The purpose of these calls is to to support teams in further developing their project ideas by sharing with them insights, knowledge and tools. Through these calls, participants will get to know the online platform run by Edgeryders, where all community members support each other by sharing advice, resources and opportunities, and most of all through the power of collective intelligence.
    • The final selection of candidates will be made based on a holistic evaluation of the teams, of the project presentation, how people responded to input from peers and experts, the scorecarding of the project itself. Evaluation will take in consideration: Feasibility of the project and the plan of action, Relevance of the environmental issue, Team (Competencies and reactivity on platform), Innovation and Scalability

The announcement of results will be made on the platform. Selected teams from all Hackathons, will be notified. they will be contacted later by OCI Lab team to get more details on the next steps.

From each Hackathon, we should have:

  • First and Second projects selected by Edgeryders’ team: Access to OCI Lab to benefit from its online incubation program and from an access to a budget up to 15k $, which will be made available to support all selected projects from the MENA region for MVPs development purposes in accordance with the OCI Lab’s rules, selection criteria and due diligence process.
  • Third and Fourth projects: Access to OCI Lab to benefit from their online incubation program.

If you have any questions about the Hackathons’ process, please do not hesitate to post your question here, or to go to the specific event in your city and post it there. @nadia , Edgeryders’ team, local organizers and I would be more than happy to answer them :slight_smile:

Links for the calls:
Thanks to the efforts and reactivity of @MariaEuler , we have now the links for the different calls:

Useful websites and materials:



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