Hack 4 Environment Medenine : 3-R Tech Recycle

Hello !
Here is Haykel, participant in Hack 4 Environment Medenine.
I’m Introducing our team under the name of “ArTech” !

  • Haykel BOUTABBA : Student at the Higher Institute of Informatics of Medenine, 21 Y.O. I’m graduating this year. @haykel
  • Amira DHAOUI: Student at the same Institue, 22 Y.O. and she’s in her first year in Master Degree. @amira
  • Hadir BOUTABBA : Student at the same Institute, 19 Y.O. and this is her first year at college. @hadir

ArTech Team worked on solving a plenty of problems instead of one lonely problem responding to six from the Goals set by the rules of the Hackathon and achieving some others set by the UN !

The main problem : Waste of recyclable products

Our solution :

Link to our Drive Folder : Click Here to go to Drive

Link to the Youtube Video : Click here

We want to thank @Yosser for hosting this Hackathon in Medenine and giving the opportunity to us as to creative teams to develop their ideas :heart:


Good job :clap:
Hope you all the best :tulip:
I want ask about your competitors in Medenine
Is there any entity concerning on collect recyclables or waste pickers ?


Thank you @AlaaElrhman :star_struck:
About waste pickers and recyclable collectors, we’re preparing a database and we’re planning to contact them to be our partners in this project


You are welcome :tulip:
You must prepare a good deal for them specially the informal sectors “waste pickers” because they are a key competitors,
Search about Egypt practice in involving the informal sectors in waste management system it will help you because we have some of mutual cultures and mindset.
Wish you all the best … Go on :muscle:


We appreciate your recommendations ! :pray: Thank you agin :heart:


For more details…
To understand the mechanism of the platform watch this video where you can find all the explanations :pray::grinning:


Super Proud of what you created :smiley:


Thank you @Yosser :heart: :pray: