Hack 4 Environment: Medenine Report

Full name: Yosser Belghith
**My name on the platform is:**​ Yosser
1. About the event
This event was part of the Edgeryders festival ad the hackathon series lead by @Sohayeb, that worked on the SDG goals, you may find more details in Sohayeb’s post .
This event was the only one in this festival that was worked in a region and not the capital, which is something I truly appreciate, as I believe that we should always work in the regions, and not i the places were there is already loads of opportunities.
2. Event agenda:

3. Project list:

  1. Clean City:
    a. A platform that collects the wastes and recycle it through composting.
    b. Name of team members are @Yemna and @Mouna .
    c. the major discussions were about the Tunisian Laws concerning this issue and how can we adapt their project to our legal structures, and how can we focus on who will be the partners that they will be dealing with.
    2. 3 - R Tech Recycle.
    a. A Platform that connects the different institutions and regular people, to collect and resell the wastes after recycling them in this platform, they are working on different kind of wastes.
    b. Names of the team members: @haykel @hadir @amira
    c. The major discussions were about how to make this platform sustainable and how can it grow more in the future, how can they reach more people and the way it should be functioning.

The other two projects team did not submit their ideas.

4. General remarks
● I learned more about the Tunisian Laws that works or blocks the start ups that may work on these SDGs
● I found both two teams enthusiastic and they developed well their ideas, however the 3 R recycle was the one that I felt was not missing any detail and the team harmony was so strong, they were professional.
● The two teams that did not submit their ideas were unsure of the way the selected profiles will win, the idea that they will have to go through two selections (OCI LAB and the hackathon) made them a bit confused knowing that some of them are fresh graduates who work as freelance with different organizations and associations on environmental issues, they weren’t sure of the outputs of the hackathons and how the slection process is going to be like, they had a great project idea that Idon’t have their permission to share it here, but it is super promising, so I think we should have worked more to keep their interest…

5. Stats
a. Number of total participants: 15
b. Gender balance: 10 Males / 5 Females
6. Recommendations:
Focus more on working in the regions ,the capital and big cities are already full of these experiences and opportunities.
The structure need to be clear from the very start and should not be changed after the official launch.
7. Photos ​: