Hack 4 environment Medenine:CleanCity

Hello !
Hack 4 environment Medenine:CleanCity @ourghemma
Who we are?
*Yemna Iben Ibrahim @Yemna I’m from medenine student at faculty of sciences sfax on master’s research degree “HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT” .
*Mouna Yahya @Mouna , an industrial chemical engineer and currently I am doing my PhD about biogas production from organic wastes
Look around, there are waste everywhere so How can we help our environnment ?
Our missions is to create a platform aims to facilitate the communication between companies to recycle their waste by composting .
By our solution we are targeting 2 mains goals which are responsible consumption and production and also life on land .
At the end of this work we obtain a compost product “humus” that we used in agriculture such as filtilizer which it give a good return for agriculture.

Plan of action and product design template

Hello @Yemna thank you for sharing your project with our community members
May I ask you to upload you files again we have to unzip them ( which is not a user-friendly, especially for people who may check your action plan with their phones)