HackSocialChange in Belarus has started!

Available in: :gb: English / :ru: Russian

:gb: English version


First UNDP Hackathon “Hack4SocialChange” in Belarus has started! Edgeryders are right there at Imaguru.

Everything happens in 36 hours:

  • In 36 hours In Belarus will be presented 9 prototypes of innovative social projects.
  • In 36 hours Edgeryders will present collaborative map on social innovators in Belarus.
  • In 36 hours first winners of Hack4Social Change will be announced and get the support of the UNDP for further development of their project.

Have a look at the pics for a better understanding of what is going on!

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:ru: Russian version

Стартовал первый в Беларуси Хаккатон “Hack4SocialChange”!

Edgeryders также принимают участие в мероприятии. Продолжительность “Hack4SocialChange” – 36 часов.

  • Через 36 часов в Беларуси будут представлены 9 прототипов инновационных социальных проектов.
  • Через 36 часов Edgeryders покажут карту социальных новаторов, которую создадут вместе с участниками Хаккатона.
  • Через 36 часов станут известны победители первого в Беларуси хаккатона ПРООН “Hack4SocialChange”.

При поддержке ПРООН победитель сможет продолжить развитие своего проекта. Смотрите фото с Хаккатона и следите за “Hack4SocialChange”!

Follow us! #BYhac и #inno4dev #Hack4SocialChange

How did Hack4SocialChange go?

I followed it on Twitter and it seemed like a successful event, congratulations! But what came out of it?

Specifically: what about the map of social innovators?

That sounds intresting!
Where is that map?

In a 9 day Hackathon in 2019 we started this map:


And now we are looking for a similar event in Russia: Map of tomorrow: Mapping Transformation in Germany -> Russia?

maybe look up and chat with @mikhail_volchak and @nataliegryvnyak if they have relevant contacts for your mapping activity? They are based in different countries but are able to communicate in the right languages and maybe have relevant connections for you

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