Hangout #4: Planning Open Care outreach efforts


Pending task for all partners: please review it and suggest modifications in the comments here.

The whole new edgeryders website philosophy will be based on the fact that: it needs to be easier for people to figure out what’s in there, what people talk about to realize if it’s interesting enough to engage.

We want to make it easier to link challenges to solutions – that’s why we ask people to fill in more structured information.


From Nadia & Patrick discussion – we need to be sharing responsibilities in:

  • regular calls - and checking in with each other 
  • salons organised in different cities - for having deep conversations
  • plan Caring on the Edge final event in 2017 way ahead; Patrick mentioned the different stages of planning according to theory U – you start with sensing what’s there [missed the following bit]

A public timeline for the outreach is based on partners activities (online onboarding by ER, prototyping by WeMake, data collection requirements by Bordeau etc). It directly ties in and results in how Open Care works.

  • March 2016 - August 2016: Collaborative sensing by completing Challenges aka gathering individual stories
  • July 2016 - September 2016: Collaborative sense-making by recruiting Fellows aka gathering case studies
  • Sept 2016 - April 2017: Prototyping, testing by elaborating self-evaluation reports
  • April 2017 - Sept 2017: Assessing impact - analysing the data, writing reports & spinoff modeling for the final mile : Caring on the Edge event

Some things you can help with this weej to get started and involve people to share stories:

-reach out to people to engage them in shaping the challenge briefs: “is there something in your work that you are trying to understand?” this helps surface the really good questions and interested people

-later: reach out to those who contribute and invite them to share an editorialized story

Good briefs to find interesting stories and case studies take long to put together, and will matter for the people we are trying to build this community with.

Next hangout will be Monday April 4th. Check the Op3n Meetups page and invite others!

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Op3nCare and Op3nCare

Good job, the welcome page is far more readable and appealing now. (Sorry to have missed the meeting yesterday, I took advantage of Easter holiday to enjoy a family afternoon.)

That being said, clearly, the welcome page is for the Op3nCare project, the one that encompasses the H2020 initiative, the one that should live longer and reach beyond the Grant Agreement :slight_smile:

As a consequence, I would recommend to have another page where we can please the commission with all regulatory logos, project no, pointers to deliverables, etc. Reviewers appreciate it.

We already have pointing at this page, we could fill a single page with all necessary info and pointers, and of course a pointer to this new Op3nCare page. AFter a while robots will figure out they need to bring up both of these pages when people search for Op3nCare (or OpenCare). When communicating to others, we are free to point at either, more convenient or relevant, of these pages.

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Made changes: Is this what you had in mind?

Hi Guy, have a look now? changed headers and menus. Let me know if you think this works?

Not making it today 4/4

Just a quick note to say I.m on a plane at 16 30 today, soz (couldn.t comment on the event page, maybe it would be useful to open up comments for those who wish to contribute to the weekly agenda… or late minute stuff)

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@Nadia: can you update the link on the main message of this thread?

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And what happened to mail notifications? I’m receiving email message with just the title of the thread and not the body of the message. As the research tool on edgeryders doesn’t work properly, it was important to have the body of the message via mail, so it was possible to search things somehow. Could you update it aswell?



PS> today I was in the hangout together with Patrick and Luce. Noemi alerted she couldn’t come. What happened to you, @Nadia? We missed you :slight_smile:

updated links

Hi @zoescope, links should now be working - they reflect the small changes taking place in the Op3nCare group - which is now renamed “Op3nCare Community” - all active information is available from

The task is still on, so if you can have a look at it it would be super.

As for notifications, the guys are on it as you can see here, there’s not much Nadia or I can do unfortunately. Should be done this week.