Happy to be here!

Hey there EdgeRyders,

I am Anca, living (for the moment) in Bucharest, Romania. These days I am practising freedom and trust as a PR freelancer and I begun also my journey as a trainer. I am also a social activist, part of one of the biggest volunteering communities in the world: Lets Do It, World!, the project that aims to clean up a country in just one single day. I am one of the initiatiors and communication person for Lets Do It, Romania!.

I am passionate about personal development and traveling, looking for new ways to combine the 2 of them in something powerful and inspiring. Also, I plan to move to Barcelona, so, if you have any tips, please share :slight_smile:

I look forward to meeting you and be a resource with all I am. I can write, give trainings, organize events, coordinate projects.


Welcome, then, Anca! We know well Let’s Do It World; @henri37 , @Robert_TrashOut and others who have experience with LDIW are here, too. It’s great to meet the Romanian side of it! But also, this is very fortunate, because just today we were scheming a visit of @Noemi, Edgeryders main community engine, to Bucharest, probably in 2-3 weeks. If it works out, hopefully you two can meet over coffee – possibly with other Romanian edgeryders, if available.

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Meetup in Bucharest sometime 22-24 Jan?

@PhoebsAnca and I are planning to meet each other anyway, perhaps @RuxandraCreo wants to join? We’ve been looking to meet “face to face” for over a year now :slight_smile:

re: Perfect

Hey Alberto!

Thank you for your message and sorry for the delay. I didnt receive the comments in my email, they were in spam. I cant wait to meet @Noemi, she will be here in Bucharest soon :slight_smile: and maybe I will get the chance to meet other edrydgers as well :slight_smile:

<3 Let’s Do It World! community

Hi Anca :slight_smile:

Please check out this video where you can find @Nadia and @henri37 participating in the same panel

also when I first e-met @Auli she worked on parts of LDIW web presence :slight_smile:


You might like to get in touch with @Helene_Finidori I can also connect you with friends participating in local OuiShare group there as well as some of MakeSanse gangsters active over there :)


Hi @elfPavlik and thank you for your response and for your suggestions! I would be happy to get in touch with the nice people you recommended me! :slight_smile:

The missing piece!

Hi @PhoebsAnca, just wanted to quickly drop in and congratulate you for the Let’s Do It Romania app now on indiegogo!! Well done!

You will now be able to report illegal waste and contribute to creating an accurate mapping and planning. Currently, volunteers go through an exhausting process of individually searching for trash points: they use personal cars, bikes and a GPS to find garbage spots, write down their coordinates and details by hand then return home from their quests and introduce data into our system via computer to create a partially complete clean-up map.

Your reports will be routed to local authorities in charge with cleaning up garbage.  In most cases contacting authorities is a confusing bureaucratic procedure that nobody knows how to use.

This latter is my favourite part, pinging @ericnbarrett & @Mamaduka re: our last year discussion about needing some commitment from authorities to go with any citizen mapping. This I think moves one step in that direction.

PS Anca I took the liberty to assign this post to Spot the Future Bucharest group, this way you can connect with more people in the city and they with you. See you soon <3